Sunday, February 21, 2010

Smile baby.

Look over here...turn this way...can you smile for me? How about an over the shoulder look...okay no then? Fine, just ummmm......curl up in a small ball....perfect....fetal position...even better. Baby Emma.....such a natural for the camera.

I have a lot of hobbies but photography is my favorite, I am VERY much still learning but luckily I have friends like Chelsea who are willing to let me practice. Chelsea's Goal: Get a photo for baby announcements. My Goal: to not make the baby cry. I just took these today so I have not had time to review them all but here are a few of my faves.
Now you are probably thinking either Baby Emma just grew up REAL fast or this is a different baby. Yep, this is big sis Addison. I also like to think of her as America's Next Top Model. Chels, you know it's true....this girl is one step away from the runway! (Look at those eyes!!)
Emma, can you look this way? Oh right, you are 10 days old...then just look to your left. perfect.
Why am I naked in this basket? And who is that girl standing on our couch?
Now another thing that made this photo shoot "unique" was that the subject had to stop and eat every I don't know....5 minutes or so. Ok that is a total exaggeration but either way it gave me good quality bonding time with Addison and we played with her princess collection. Did you know there were 5 Sleeping Beauties and they were competing for one Prince Charming who lived in the woods and killed dragons and sometimes stayed in a high palace? Yep, neither did I. Addison educated me quickly and told me that it is all about "true love's first kiss" and then you live "happily ever after." I love this point of view (it is so "pink unicorn/happy gumdrop").....maybe I was meant to be a Disney Princess.

I have one more addition to this story. About 5 weeks ago, I stayed with Chels overnight and Addi and I bonded. To solidify this bond, I did what Aunt Summer does best, I tried to bribe her. I went to Wal-mart and purchased the coolest box of legos. Here is the mistake--I forgot to take them to her during my next visit so I told her about them. I promised to bring them next time. Next time came and went with no legos. Then the next next time came....and went. I kept forgetting. Now I don't know kids very well but it seems to me that little Addi would have a bit more going on than to think about this stinkin' box of legos that Auntie Summer promised (I mean...hello....she did just welcome a new baby sis into the world). But....what was the first thing she said when I walked into today (note: 4th visit since I originally mentioned lego)....."Mommy, Ms. Summer is here! (now, direct look at me) Did you remember to bring my legos?"

Well....about that. And here was the answer I wanted to give. "Addison, your Aunt Summer is very forgetful. She has to make lists for everything including simple things like walk the dog, unpack suitcase, cook dinner. And so far your legos are not on the list. Therefore, they are sitting in my Denver, NC. And honestly, I just got the legos to move me up that internal ranker of yours. I want to be "cool" Aunt Summer"

......but, I thought that might be a bit much for a 3 year old. So instead I tried this line....

"No worries Addison. I am actually sending them by magic mail and they will arrive this week!"

Now....I must go write a list. List Item #1: Visit post office. List Item #2: Make legos fit into small flat rate box List Item #3: Don't make promises to a 3 year old


  1. Girl - these pictures are AMAZING!! That little baby girl is precious! How exciting to have 2 little girls who will grow up to be best friends. You're a natural with the baby photography ;)

  2. Awwwe - great pics gal! Emma is beautiful. This reminded me of Tiernan's photo shoot with Auntie Summer when he was 6 weeks old. Can you believe he'll be 7 months next week? Time flies.