Friday, February 5, 2010

Meat on the bone-

I am kind of weird about meat that comes on a bone--like chicken wings, ribs, etc. Now believe me, I understand that all meat originated on some sort of bone but I don't like to think of it. In my pink unicorn/gumdrop world, the meat magically ends up at the store and there was no harm to any animals. Don't mess up my imaginary world, please.

That being said, it is hard for me to eat ribs but NT makes AMAZING ribs. I look past the bone issue and just enjoy the yumminess. It all started with a trip to the neighborhood butcher, NT returned with 5 lbs of ribs and everything we needed to make a fabulous meal. He used two rubs: Chili Lime and the Zac Brown Clay Rub.

Next, he made the sauce. This started by boiling two Guinness Stouts and a half of cup of brown sugar. Reduce that down by half

From there, he added our favorite BBQ sauce....Sweet Baby Rays. ( A must try if you are not familiar) Salt, Pepper, Chili Powder, Garlic Salt, Tobasco and then a few fresh herbs. We went with thyme and rosemary.
Then we took the sauce and brushed on the ribs. Next, wrap the ribs tightly in aluminum foil and put in the oven for a little over two hours at 350 degrees. Looking good so far!
And here is the final product......
With the ribs, we had potato salad, cole slaw, mac and cheese and bread. AKA: WAY TOO MUCH FOOD!
Now you may wonder why we would make all this goodness on a cold, rainy Friday night. Well, the in-laws are in town and I am trying to prove how amazingly domestic I am. Of course, NT did majority of the cooking but that is just a minor detail.
(PS:Pottery Barn Outlet trip is tomorrow!)


  1. Totally with you when it comes to meat on a bone...BJ laughs & loooves to shake chicken wings in my face. YuCk. Just don't want to think about it.

  2. AM--I really like that you comment on my blog. Love ya friend. Also, I know you were talking about my instant grits fetish but what about you and macaroni and cheese!!!