Saturday, February 6, 2010

Retail Therapy

So you all knew (all 3 of you who read my blog) that today was the day.....the day we made the road trip to Gaffney to visit the beloved Pottery Barn Outlet. I spent all week preparing by researching my Pott Barn magazines, making lists and surveying the house for what was needed in each room. Now as if the Pottery Barn outlet is not fabulous enough, my MIL gets an additional 40% off. You heard me...40% off of the discounted price. It is indeed truly amazing. We made sure to wear comfy shoes and we ate a good breakfast to give us shopping stamina.

Off we went--me and the moms--no husband to rain on my pott barn parade. No speak of the "Dave Ramsey" budget or cash in the envelope system. Just us ladies ready to conquer the world one purchase at a time.

This is the buggy after only 10 minutes in the store(us southern folk call shopping carts "buggy")
Now the original shopping list had a few key elements. 1) Bar Stools 2)Vase for Dining Table 3)Basket. So I was tickled pink when we found these amazing bar stools for the bargain price of $50. I will take four of those please- we are now 15 minutes in the trip. Note: We were in the store for 2.5 hours so you can imagine the load we left with.

Next, we found the always fun "Great White" dish collection. This is what NT and I received for our wedding but we needed round bowls because for some reason I thought square bowls were a good idea when we registered. However, I now know that when you make instant grits some of the grits get stuck in the corner and when you have cereal the milk flies out the corner of the square bowl. (Take this as a tip if you buying new bowls)
This was considered to be the best purchase of the day....a bargain at $64 bucks. This decorative cubbie is in the current catalog- see the picture below of how pottery barn featured it in their catalog. I will post a pic of our cubbie after I decorate it!
Here are the moms with their carts-satisfied that our day at the outlet was complete.
The truck was packed to the brim, there was almost no room for us. Seriously. Linda volunteered to ride in the back of the truck and just hold onto the bungees. We were so tired after buying out the entire PB outlet that we had to rest up at Chick-fil-A.
A #1 with a sweet tea-a perfect ending to a day of extreme shopping.


  1. Summer & her instant grits - classic! :O)

  2. 1. We do Dave Ramsey too and I have come to hate the word "budget" and...
    2. How funny that we were there the same day. Need rugs and pillows.