Sunday, February 14, 2010

A fave website....

So if you need a smile, a laugh or a car be sure to check out my dad's website. I occasionally visit his site just to see what he has for sale and honestly to make sure he doesn't have one of our cars listed. He is known to sell my and my mom's cars right out from underneath us--of course I don't mind--I love getting a new car. Thanks to dealer Johnny, I have had 36 cars--crazy, huh? Well this visit to produced quite a laugh--check out my dad's description for this HHR.

Chevy Wagon, this is # 17 we 've had for sale, gas milage/ 100K mile warranty/ ride/ quality/ price.......everybody should drive a HHR!!!

Super shiney, Carfax, runs and drives like new, We've sold 16 HHR's because we sell them cheaper than any other dealer (my shops in the backyard, no overhead, Johnny buys the cars, Johnny cleans up the cars, Johnny sells the cars, Johnny does all the paperwork, you get the picture?), asking $10,900 for this 09' with 21K miles....CHEAP!!!

First, I love that my dad thinks everyone should own an HHR. Second, I think it is fabulous that he spells shiny with an "e" and lastly I love that he competes with the "big guys" by being a mega multi-tasker. That's my Dad!! There is not a better place to buy a car than Johnny's One Stop--I promise--and I am not saying that because he is my dad. Did I mention that you get a soda and a pack of Crackers just for visiting and a custom Johnny's One Stop t-shirt if you buy a car? Keep an eye out and let me know if you see my Murano sneak up on his site ;-)

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