Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Puppy Class

Well tonight was....well it was special...unique even. It was Hines Dudley's puppy class. I was convinced that he would probably be the worst pup in the class mainly because we kind of spoil him. I mean let's be honest he can't even walk down a set of stairs because we carry him everywhere he goes. I was afraid he would be the "F" student. I pictured all the other dogs rolling over, sitting, staying, shaking hands, etc.
Man was I wrong. We walked into a madhouse. There were 8 puppies running wild as if they were bulls that had been in a cage. They were bucking around, biting each other's ears, peeing on the floors-it was a crazy sight. My first thought was I don't want to put my sweet baby dog down in this madhouse but our furry pup was ready to take on the big guys. Of course I dressed him in his ever so cute Georgia shirt and combed his hair (i mean it was his first day of school).
Hines is not scared of ANYTHING. He went right up to the German Shepard pup and looked him dead in the eyes. Hines might be scared of a flight of stairs but he will take on any dog no matter the size.
We each had to wear two name tags--our name and our puppy's name. Shout out to the Steelers.
And then it happened. Hines fell in love....with a tramp. No really, the dog's name was tramp like "lady and the tramp." I will admit this puppy was gorgeous. It was yorkipoo. The rest of the night these two were inseparable--sniffing each others bottoms, rubbing noses, bouncing around, tugging on the same toy. It was love at first sight.
Hines:" I love your hair" Tramp: "I love your shirt" Hines:"Let's be friends"
This dog makes me want a 3rd dog.
Now this was the point in the night where I thought maybe the puppies wanted to eat Hines for dinner. Note how they are all staring at him with such intensity.
I honestly did not pay attention AT ALL in the class-I was too busy watching the puppies. But here is the outline of whatever she talked about. Btw, the teacher was CRAZY.

After the class, I would say Hines is not any smarter than before. He still can't walk down stairs, jumps up and down instead of sitting for treats,bites our fingers, etc. But you know what.....he found love....and to me that made puppy class worth it.


  1. That's my little sweet black boy...you combed his hair? LOL

  2. great pictures of that tramp!! you better come take some of our pups! i really need to update my camera and take some classes.