Thursday, February 25, 2010

The 80's were AMAZING!

The 80's were amazing and I want to go back. This evening, NT and I took a field trip to an 80's paradise, it was filled with cabbage dolls, Strawberry Shortcake, Teddy Ruxpin, Care Bears, and more.

It is called..... my Parent's basement.

Bless their hearts (as us southerners always say) for storing ALL of my toys for over 25 years.

Right there by the Christmas wreaths and garlands are my favorite toys all stacked up waiting for me to......well, I don't really know what they are waiting for me to do. Certainly not waiting for me to play with them. And I can't really envision NT and I loading up a truck with my strawberry shortcake kitchen set and setting it up in our breakfast nook. I guess the toys are there for when I want to reminisce of the good ol' days.

Here are some of the highlights from the tour a la Morgan's basement.....
This was one of my FAVORITE toys and honestly I would bring this little guy home today. And perhaps display it on my nightstand or the mantle. The fact that it is wearing a MILK t-shirt makes it even more fabulous. In case you don't know this is a Mon-Chi-Chi.
Baby Mon-chi-chi fingers and toes. I think I might go on ebay tonight and buy a whole family of mon-chi-chis.
This was sidekick....Neta Gay the Cabbage Patch doll. I took this doll with me everywhere. And in case you were wondering...NO I did not come up with the name Neta Gay. She came out of the cabbage with that name.
Though I loved her.....I really don't remember her looking that scary when I was young. The red hair, crazy dimples and buck teeth--kind of crazy.
This doll could be an impostor because I don't really remember her...she must have been second fiddler to Neta Gay.
Not sure about this either but I am assuming since it is pink that I must have rode my barbies around in it.
This mini boom box only plays one song, Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Such a nice song talking about "dreams really do come true." Whoever wrote that song was probably not in radio sales....just saying.
Sorry Mom....I know you are dying that I am posting this picture. To those who do not mom's house is VERY neat this is just the "stuff that Summer refuses to take to her own home but will not let us get rid of it" area. The main highlight is the Strawberry Shortcake kitchen in the upper right. Love it and the big plus is I would not be able to start any kitchen fires on it.

Writing this post made me think of other favorites from the 80's: Garbage Pail Kids, Fashion Plates, Care Bears, Candyland, Pound Puppies, California Raisins, He-Man and She-ra, the Smurfs, Light Bright, My Little Ponies and a another fave of mine.....Rainbow Brite!

I would like to point out that I just did some research on Ms. Brite and it is no wonder that I loved her as a child. She rode on a magic horse named Starlite, lived on a rainbow, was in charge of all the colors in the world and used "Star Sprinkles" to make everything work. Rainbow Brite is my hero. She has a very similar view of life as I do....gumdrops, fairytales and hugs wrapped in honey....perfect. (Thank you Chris!)

And my parents are also my heroes, thank you for continuing to keep all of my old toys in your basement so that once every 5 years I can go there and remember how amazing the 80's truly were. Oooohh.....i wonder if I could find my old "Popples" lunch box and thermos down there??


  1. summer - you know you are about to turn 30. i know you dont want to admit it, but you are way over 25 :) they've been storing that stuff for much longer!

  2. you know what LP---I thought of that too. But my thinking was that I didn't get these toys until I was probably 5-8 years old so therefore technically they have been in the basement for only 25 years.