Monday, February 15, 2010

She's my Aunt Summer

Today was a very special day, I was a guest for lunch at my niece Chloe's school. Now those of you who know me are probably doing the math and thinking that I am only child so how do I have a niece (NT's sister is not married yet)--well I round up. April who is my very close cousin (really like a sister) has a very special and amazing daugther--Chloe. I love her....times 100...times 1000. Check out April's blog here.

On Mondays, Chloe has the opportunity to have a family visitor for lunch...enter Aunt Summer. For starters I was a wee bit nervous because I am not used to being around a group of kids. Entering into an elementary school in 2010 is a bit different from when I was in school in the mid 80's. I think anyone could have walked in and said they were my family and picked me up. To get into Chloe's school was like trying to enter the White House (well unless you are those party crashers)--I had to identify myself, fill out information on a computer, get my picture taken, wear a badge, enter through special doors. Crazy.
Walking through the school was a nice feeling. I always wanted to be a teacher, I think it stems from my obsession with markers and wipe off boards ;-) I waited outside the cafeteria for Chloe and could smell that oh so familiar cafeteria scent. Do you know the smell I am talking about? It is like nuggets and some type of weird veggie smell mixed together with cleaning spray. Odd. I also remembered loving pizza day at my elementary school-we had rectangle pizza and I loved it. I wonder if I would still think it was good today? But my thoughts were interrupted when I heard "Summer! Summer! That's my Aunt Summer." Chloe was in a single file line but jumping up and down waving her hand. She did this all the way until she got to me. Btw, she is the cutest girl in her class (just sayin')

I surprised her with Subway (tip from her mom). Did you know that Subway Kid Meals come in a super cute reusable lunch bag? I asked the Subway lady if I could upgrade my clear plastic bag for a lunch bag but no luck. Dear April if you are reading this....I know you told me to get white milk but they were out...I promise...I did not intentionally get the chocolate milk. I figure it is better to confess this now before you see the below picture!!
The first thing Chloe said when she opened her lunch was that sometimes her Mom will let her eat her cookie first. I feel like kids always try to pull this one on me and you know what it normally works on Aunt Summer. Today was no different. Now I would like to point out that cell phones are strictly prohibited at the school but I pulled out the iphone quickly to get a few shots...what I won't do for my blog!
Note: This is NOT a freckle on Chloe's cheek....that is a chocolate chip. And yes I cleaned her mouth before she went back to class.
A little bit of Chloes lunch. The grapes and crackers were from a little gal sitting across the table who wanted to trade out for part of Chloe's cookie and her Cheddar sun chips. Apparently having Subway is pretty cool (1 point for Aunt Summer)

My favorite part of the day was when Chloe took me to meet her classmates....she was so proud to have me there. It warmed my heart. Here are the highlights:
  1. Chloe introduced me everytime in this manner. "This is my Aunt Summer, she has a Wii and a small dog." And the kids seemed impressed with that. Imagine if I did my sales calls like that...."Hey my name is Summer and I am with Curtis Media Group. I have a Wii and a small dog. Would you like to buy some advertising?"
  2. Chloe introduced me to 1 of her TWO BOYFRIENDS. People, she is 5 years old. I about had a heart attack. However, April assured me the boys are nice kids. However, the one boyfriend named Gunner put his arm around Chloe's waist and I was about to pop him. I told her no boyfriends until she is 40 especially with the name of Gunner (aka: player)
  3. A sweet little gal named Victoria told me I could back anytime and held my hand in the hallways
  4. Chloe invited me back next week. I feel cool.
Chloe and her Dad are going to this cute is that. Love her.
Another Kindergartner named Ellie wrote this letter and it was hanging in the hallway.Kids have an amazing way of looking at the world and it really brightened my day to spend my lunch hour looking through the refreshing eyes of a 5 year old. back to the real world of cold calls and rejection.SIDEBAR: Later in the day, back in the home office, I looked down to find Hines with a bit of cotton stuck to his beard. Hilarious. He didn't even realize it was there. It is like when we humans get spinach stuck in between our teeth and no one tells us. One more thing--that list of 33 things I love--add Iphone camera to that list please.

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