Sunday, February 14, 2010

33 Things I LOVE

It's Valentines Day which is really not a favorite day of mine-for example on this special day NT is immersed in the 8 hour drama that is Daytona and I am blogging. Sounds romantic, huh? I figure the least I could on this day of love is list a few a few things that warm my the tv show Biggest Loser.

33 items that warm my heart and soul--
  1. My husband and my family
  2. Our Pets (Mason, Hines and Parsnip....affectionately known as "Blimpo")
  3. My Camera and taking pictures
  4. My friend Chelsea's new baby girl.....Emma Louise Dale
  5. Vacations
  6. SHARPIES (and any colored pencil or marker)
  7. Scrapbooking and picture albums
  8. Games
  9. Febreeze Candle Things (Just googled and the technical term is "flameless luminary")
  10. The Ocean
  11. screen in porches
  12. Home Goods
  13. Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry (yummy!)
  14. Reality Television
  15. Singing in the Car
  16. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
  17. Smell of Fresh Cut Grass
  18. My Friends
  19. Making Lists (like this one)
  20. Church
  21. desserts (all desserts, especially things that are a la' mode)
  22. Celebrations
  23. Decorating
  24. Hawaii
  25. Being Late (NT made me add that-I do not mean to be late-it is an issue for me)
  26. Fruity Drinks served with Pineapple
  27. Cookbooks and attempting to cook what is in them
  28. Soft pillows
  29. my Dad's garage
  30. Trident Gum
  31. Girly Movies
  32. Smell of fresh paint and new shoes (not together, I am just running out of numbers)
  33. Driving with the windows down on a sunny day
Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours ;-)

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