Thursday, February 11, 2010

If you are a stray dog...come to the Triompos.

When NT and I first started dating, we found a stray cat who had been injured by a car. I will not go into details but the basic gist of it is we were on our way to dinner and we ended up stopping and rescuing this cat. At this point, I knew that NT's love of animals matched mine and to be honest it was the first time I knew that I would marry him. Crazy to think an injured animal could bring all that to the forefront but it takes a special kind of person to drop everything and save a pet.

Well since then, NT and I keep running into animals who need our help. We are like pet whisperers.Apparently, there is announcement out there "hey if you are lost, hungry or need a home for a night or two be sure to drop by the Triompos-they give great treats." And yesterday was no different.

We were out for a peaceful walk with the pets....little Hines and Mason. And out of the blue comes a beautiful yellow lab. At first I thought he must be a neighbors.....but no just our luck....he was a little lost dog. He had a collar but no nametag. (PEOPLE--put name tags on your pets) and he had a sensor for an electric fence--clearly he had broke free and was living the life of a free man.

I always comment on how our cat, Parsnip, trys to escape the house daily. I remind him that in the real world there is no one to go behind him and scoop his poop from his litter box...there are no automatic feeders....friskies treats don't just fall at your feet. And I think this is what this little pup was realizing--he missed his home.

We tried to keep walking but he followed us. We then went door to one recognized him. We then (of course) brought him home. Go Figure.
This is the little guy....who I named Clementine. NT then told me that was a "girly" name so I then named him Oscar. (These pics were taking with my phone-so excuse the quality)

Next, we called the the way, we are their best customers with all of our crazy pets and rescuing antics. They recommended that we bring him in and have him scanned. And luckily, they found a chip which led us to a breeder in uptown Charlotte.
Here is NT and Clementine/Oscar at the vet waiting.....waiting....waiting to see if we were about to be the owners of a 3rd dog.

The breeder luckily had the number of the puppy's chip stored in his computer and was able to locate the owner. Turns out the dog's name is Raleigh (coincidence,huh?) and he is a 3 year old lab who apparently doubles as an escape artist. He was about a mile from his house and honestly very lucky that the Triompo Rescue Team was available. We kept him until later that night when the owner could pick him up and in that short time.....I fell in love.
I miss you little Raleigh. Come back anytime you need to be rescued...or just want some milk bones with peanut butter.

SIDEBAR: All of these pics were taken with my iphone and edited with the program Best Camera. It is a FREE app. You should download it if you are into that kind of thing. See below-Hines likes the iphone camera


  1. That is great...I handle the Raleigh area for wayward best are the ones in my neighborhood who 'know' just to come to my back porch when they are lost or in trouble at home.

  2. Totally see why you fell in love - he's beautiful! You guys are awesome :O)