Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ga-Ga Ooh-la-la

I know I promised Jaime's wedding pictures but what can I say....too much reality television. So instead you get Mason dressed up as Lady Gaga. Not purposeful of course....unless you count chewing out your stitches and staple 4 times as purposeful.

See if you see the Gaga resemblance.
NT and I have really had a mess on our hands for the last month....a mess with the name of Mason. I am not going to go into the craziness but I will sum it up and say that we have been through 2 sets of stitches and 2 sets of staples.
You might think...."Summer and NT, why did you not just put one of those dome things on his head?" And I would say..."that is an excellent idea and I wish we would have done that."

What is that saying..."fool me once, shame on you...fool me twice,shame on me" fool me four times and you must be a stubborn Triompo. I guess the truth is I just felt so pitiful when he put that thing on his head, he would run into furniture, into the door, into ME! As us southerners would say....Bless his heart.
But after the 4th set of sutures, the vet basically said they would hunt us down if we didn't leave the e-collar on him 24/7. And I have to be honest and say I have slipped it off a couple of times (okay a lot of times) but only when I can watch him. Man, I really am stubborn huh?

And here is the gratuitous picture of Hines (that is for you Chris!)
BTW, what do you think we should do with Hine's crazy beard? Do you think it is time to have him groomed or do you like the bearded look? And for those of you readers who want to comment but don't know how (Dad & Aunt B) just click comment and then post anonymously but be sure to leave your name at the bottom.


  1. Cotton,if you lose the beard it will show his buck teeth.....

  2. hey hey.. I have posted on the last one! LOL Mason and Lady Gaga definately have the new look... rather space age... Hines Dudley is a true sweetie! Look forward to seeing you soon!