Sunday, March 21, 2010


Our pets really do not long for much. Mason eats organic food that is delivered each month from California, all the pets have two beds each, Parsnip has two scratching pads and a birdfeeder just for his daily entertainment and all the pets have more toys than they could ever use. It is the massive amount of toys that leads to this story....

I bring this up because the pets were in RARE form today--was it a full moon? I don't know but I know something was up with our pets today. To spare you each and every detail, I will skip to my favorite crazy highlight of the day.


Hines often plays this cute little game with NT. It is called "empty out the toy bin so my neat freak dad has a panic attack." And Hines plays this game about twice daily....pulling out one toy at a time as NT comes along right behind him to put it back. But today Hines took full advantage of the fact that NT was napping on the couch. It was a Free for All in the toybin as I did some photoshop work on my "Baby Emma pics" (no worries Chelsea, I finished them up today.....I am sure you were wondering if Emma would turn 1 year old before I actually got you her newborn pictures)
Let the madness plush lambswool beauty at a time.
This picture gives you a good idea of the destruction a six pound pup can cause in as little as 10 minutes.....impressive, huh?
In the mist of the chaos, I am simply trying to edit a few pics of baby Emma (that is her above) that are all starting to look a bit similar. Editing photos takes patience and a discerning eye which I tend to have only in very short bursts (especially when i have a small puppy running laps around legs pulling out 1.2 million stuffed toys)
These toys vary in size but most of them are bigger than Hines. The pig is his new favorite toy and he loves it!
Do you see anything funny about this picture? Look carefully. One of these things is NOT like the others. (HINT: bottom left corner)
I love it when Hines lays like this--I call it the Frog Pose. I encourage this pose.
Here it is close up......Frog Pose zoomed in. I Love it.
Okay, back to me. NT made me a smoothie which was a nice break in my 3+ hours of editing. Then I was chuggin' water--MUST fit in the bridesmaid dress this Saturday. Yikes! And of course,I am never too far from a Sharpie pen and list. The pic on the computer is of the super cute Addison.
Doesn't this picture just scream "I'm Guilty."?
Even with all of his drama and messes ......(did I mention he pooped on our beautiful white shag rug in the den and then NT stepped in it this morning?)

I still love him. Why? Because of that crazy underbite and his huge heart. (Though the poop on my white rug did strain our relationship for a minute)


  1. this is my favorite post so far (besides the one about my childrens photo shoot :))
    Hines guilty picture made me laugh out loud!

  2. summer. its 3/25. almost 3/26. i need some entertainment and you havent updated this since 3/21. i mean i am stuck in tampa hilton by the airport and my coworkers decided to go to their rooms at 7:30pm and you know i cant sit still. so here i am sipping the same glass of wine for two hours in the hotel lobby bar where i had to beg them to put on basketball...they didnt even know what i was talking about. need 12 crayons please! love ya anyways.

    i mean if you need me to guest blog i's topic could have been about how many times i knocked over the easel in our meeting. 4 to be exact. two during major presentations when it went flat to the ground and two others that went unoticed by everyone but my new boss bill...b/c you know i am so good at making falls gracefull. just saying.