Friday, March 5, 2010

Wendy's For Life.

So everyone has a favorite restaurant, right? For example, I heart Sushi-Thai in Raleigh. NT loves Mellow Mushroom. My padres adore Stag N Doe in China Grove. The in-laws are fans of Carraba's. But my Grandma....she loves Wendy's. Yep, the gal with the red pig tails. the home of the square burger and the Carolina Classic.

I find it to be very interesting that my Grandma can eat at Wendy's every day of the week. It is a simple order. Chicken Breast Filet sandwich (sometimes spicy), Fries or B Potato, and a senior coffee.
It really cracks me up that she still looks at the menu. I do that too. I go to restaurants and pretend to look at the menu and then I get the usual. For example I get the Pad Thai (not @ wendys-obv) but I still pretend I might get something different.

By the way... how cool is my Grandma? Gorgeous, huh? I can only hope and pray that I look like her after I am 80 years old. She tells me her secret it baby oil. Funny since baby oil is $3 bucks and my face cream's a lot more than that.

Back to the point...ask yourself, could you eat at your favorite restaurant every day?

The cool thing is my Grandma knows everyone in there because several of her friends also eat there everyday! pretty neat, huh? I would love for all of my friends to meet me at the same restaurant every day.

Per usual....I decided I needed to document this Wendys trip. Hey, don't judge is hard to blog about things other than your dog when you have no kids, can't cook worth a dang and work at a home office. Wendy's becomes a true field trip! No worries, I was not busting out my big girl camera....I just pretended to be making a phone call and then snapped a few photos with my iphone. Obviously it would be weird if people knew that I was taking pictures in Wendys...for what....for my blog? WEIRD.
There is my lovely grandma with her baked potato and spicy chicken breast filet sandwich...having no idea that I am taking a picture for my blog. perfectly happy to be eating the same thing 3 days in row.

Now-please note this visit to Wendy's was pre-diet. now I eat lettuce. and water. and sometimes a peanut or two. and i am very moody due to lack of carbs.

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