Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Things We Do For Love

So much to say and so little time to blog about it. That is the situation this past week.

I have decided you can gauge how busy I am by the number of times I blog per week. It would look something like this.....

4 times or more: Life is good....skipping through a field of daisies with nothing but time on my hands.
3 times: Enough time for reality tv & blogging.
2 times: To do list is probably a couple of pages long. probably blogging after 10pm
0-1 times: OH DEAR! in desperate need of air... and an assistant

This past week was definitely in the "Oh Dear!!" category. You may already was the moment of truth weekend....would Summer fit into the bridesmaid dress? Stay tuned to find out (expect to read about it on Tuesday) The wedding was amazing times 10 and I can't wait to share some highlights!

But first to make up for my lack of posting, I will share my random thoughts EVERY day this week. Now, that is commitment.

To start, let's travel back to LAST THURSDAY.
The Mexican National Soccer Game.

The things we do for love. I dare say that NT would never accompany me to a Beyonce concert or the "Dancing with the Stars" tour....yet somehow I got roped into going to the Mexican National's Soccer game.

I am going to ATTEMPT to describe to you in detail the misery that I experienced but I feel pretty confident that you will not be able to truly understand via this blog post. Let me at least give you a glimpse via a photo....
There were 70,000 people. And these 70k people had to cram into ONLY 3 entrances at the Bank of America stadium. Many of these fanatics were willing to do anything for a free t-shirt (like run over me) and also seemed to think it was normal to wear an entire bottle of cologne.
We were like sardines crammed together. Sweaty peeps all around me-gross.
Next there were the horns. O the horns. Darn you Allstate for providing 35,000 free horns. Imagine when you are in a parking lot and a car alarm is going off. Got it? Now multiply that sound by 50,000. Okay, now imagine hearing that for 3 hours nonstop.

Let me back up and explain that NT works with many clients who market to Spanish-speaking audiences and soccer is a great reach mechanism. That was the main goal of going: to prospect and see clients. But wow this cultural experience brought us so much more.

I kind of knew we were not in Kansas anymore when I saw the human Foosball table. see below.
Followed by when I was trampled by a guy dressed as a pinata (or matador-not sure) in order to catch a free t-shirt. But this was honestly the least of my problems. Let me show you a series of pictures and you tell me if you can see what is wrong with them.
That is right. I am wearing navy blue and everyone else and their brother are wearing green. Why is this you ask? Because the Mexican National team colors are green, red and white. Did I mention they are the world cup team and have one of the largest followings in soccer?

Did I also mention that the opposing team was Iceland and their team color is Navy Blue. now you see the problem?
I should have known something was up when I got booed crossing the street. Concerned for my safety.....I found myself also jumping in the crowd trying to catch the free t-shirt since they were green. It was that or buy a Mexico flag and wear it as a cape. (no really...this is a very popular look, see below)
Probably time to conclude this lengthy rambling. After standing in a line for a mini lifetime, the can of sardines was finally released and thank goodness our seats were in a suite. Yay. Behind the most ANNOYING HORN GUY EVER.
A night to be remembered. As in I need to remember this because NT owes me big time.
Strangely, when you leave at the half find that at least the horn-lovin', t-shirt wearing, flag waving fans are LOYAL. Sticking with their team til' the end.

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  1. ummm....why didn't NT clue you in on your color choice? Also, I love the last my head NT is thinking...Summer and her pictures *sigh*