Monday, March 29, 2010

Photobooths are fun and so are spray tans!

What can I say....I love photobooths. And spray tans. I am not sure which of these two loves I should talk about first. Let's go with spray tans. So as previously stated I needed to fit into a dress that was too small on Saturday,by the way it was coral---we all know that one of the worst combinations with a coral bridesmaid dress is pale skin. Plus,everything looks better tan, including fat ;-)

I was under a bit of time constraint, as in it was Thursday and the wedding was Saturday. So naturally I googled "Mobile Spray Tanning Raleigh." Lucky me, I found a gal willing to come to my in-laws house at 10pm once I arrived in Raleigh to tan me. Have you ever been spray tanned? The machine is kind of like the airbrushing guns that you used to see on the Myrtle Beach strip or in Gatlinburg TN. You know the ones, right? When you wanted to get the t-shirt that said BFF's forever or Summer loves (insert name) 4 ever!. Only this time instead of paint it is some weird tanning spray.
We chose the laundry room (which I tried to pretend was actually a Hawaiian Beach). And then came the pop-up can't make this stuff up. It looked EXACTLY like the one above in the picture.

Into the tent I went. To be honest, I was a little nervous that I would come out looking like this. Yes this is Magda from There Something about Mary.
Once the spraying was complete (which only took like 5 minutes) the gal told me now I just needed to simply dry off in front of a fan for 20 minutes and I would be all set. Mmmmm.....excuse me? Dear Tan Lady, Did I mention that I am only wearing bathing suit bottoms and I am staying with my in-laws? Sure, no problem. Let me go stand in the middle of their den with my fake spray tan in my bikini bottoms so I can dry.

Obviously, this was not an option so instead I had the tan lady fan me with a folder. Then I stayed awake for 2 more hours just to make sure my tan was "set." And worked! And for that you know what I say....I say Spray Tans are FUN!

Here is a before and after shot:
And now for something else that is FUN! Photobooths. I have actually always had a thing for photobooths. I think I get it from my mom and dad....I say this because check out these great retro shots of my mom and dad. (yep, no one is safe from summer's blog) I just guessing this was a 1970's photobooth by looking at my dad's hair.
I love the peace sign at the bottom--yeah, Dad rockin' the 70's!

The photobooth tradition continued every year when we would go to Gatlinburg and pay $.75 to get in the booth and take 3 pictures. I always looked forward to it.
As you can tell, I kind of liked to be the center of attention...I of the photo. Strangly, not much has changed.
This is the photobooth from our wedding. Out of the 300 pictures, I was probably in 100 of them. (I "heart" photos. period.)
And I actually thought there was no way I could love a photobooth more until I discovered the photobooth at Jaimes wedding (which will be blogged about tomorrow-stay tuned).
Yep folks. I want a photobooth in my house. I want to be able to hop in there anytime for a pick me up. Or actually maybe I could start a business where I take a photobooth to events and in the off time I use it as a mobile spray tan booth. The name could be "Photo and Tan"--okay that is not a creative name but we could work on that part.
I kind of have a small issue of making each picture the "Summer Show"--always all up in the camera blocking out others. But the photo below had me in tears of laughter.
There are actually 11 people in this shot. Can you find them all? Can you find my Dad? Think of it as the "Where's Waldo?" of photobooths. Hint: look for his curly hair.
Okay, in this photo can you count all 11 people? Can you find cousin Molly?(see her close up in the pic below) Look at the one eyeball beside my mom's left ear. that's her. hilarious, huh?
How many Morgans and Triompos can you fit in one photobooth? Apparently, 11 if you are concerned for safety.
This photo is actually one of my favorites. Why you ask? Because Aunt Dawn is doing her
"Gangsta" sign. Yep, the okay circles around her eyes are supposed to represent her gang. Which led me to believe that she might be a member of a nursery rhyme The Humpty Dumpty Gang (that was for you Molly)
Does anybody know why I have my mouth wide open in every shot? Me either.

So the real question here is....Would it be weird to have a photobooth in your house? If not, then I want to put that on my birthday list. (Mom: please make note of that)

Tomorrow's blog post: the much anticipated....WEDDING!


  1. Sum - had no idea your love of photobooths went back so far. And spray tans do rock. How awesome that they came to you?

  2. too much fun and love the photos... esp. the gangsta one!