Monday, March 8, 2010

My blog is normally a happy non-serious place. A place where pink unicorns can roam in a field of gumdrops.....

However, I must pause for a moment of reflection. NT and I went to Raleigh this weekend and for the first time I felt like a visitor. It was weird. A place that was home for 10+ years now feels like a place we would go visit for the weekend.

And things had changed. For one.....there were more potholes. Weird I know...but Raleigh peeps know what I am talking about. Second, El Rodeo has a new sign. How could one of my favorite mexican restaurants change their sign without my approval? Next, the State Farmer's Market restaurant now welcomes "happy dogs." And North Hills has a 2-story Harris Teeter. Did I mention that Hillsborough street almost has a traffic circle?

I guess my point is that I left and expected things to stay the same while I was gone. But instead there is change and it doesn't feel like home anymore.

Of course, I still did my obligatory cruise through the NC State campus and reminisced (thank goodness for spell checker for words like reminisced) of the good ol' days. NC State....I still love you....Go Pack!

Ok re-enter the pink unicorns. the moment of reflection is over.

Sidebar--do you know what I love about warm weather? .....everything! but here are top 5!

  1. Walking the dogs.
  2. Sitting in our new outdoor furniture
  3. Mason "sunning" himself in the yard. He is certainly not missing the 2 foot square of grass at our old townhome
  4. Riding with the windows down
  5. Grilling out!
PS: Mom and Dad you picked the perfect name when you decided on "Summer" because I adore warm weather and summertime!

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