Saturday, April 3, 2010


Kids, I have to say as I go back and look at the pictures of Jaime's is hard to multitask. I felt like I took a lot of great pictures at the wedding but as it turns out I only have a few that I really like. I think I was too concerned with making sure my spanx didn't show from the bottom of my dress.

Here is one of my faves of the beautiful bride.
The Lucky Man....
And here is the mother of the bride.....
And here is the brother and sister-in-law (me obviously) of the bride.....
And here is the DAD, right before he lost it.
And here is best "exiting the wedding treat" EVER! Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. Add a "Hot Doughnuts Now" Sign and it would have been a mad stampede.
The wedding was at Prestonwood and the flowers were done by the wonderful English Garden. The food was fabulous and I was tickled pink to be able to eat as MANY carbs as I wanted. The photobooth was a hit and the Cupid Shuffle didn't disappoint. Here are a few pictures from the night.....
Right before the fire started. Okay, not really but I was concerned.
Next time I photograph a wedding, maybe I won't be in it and I will get better pictures. Somehow, it would seem inappropriate for me to pull the Canon out from under my bridesmaid dress and start taking pictures of Jaime as she walked down the aisle ;-)


  1. These are unbelieveable.... Jaime is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! And Lee handsome! Love the photos! And I love you Summer... very much. Aunt B.

  2. I think these photos are GREAT! Awesome job summer. Jaime was a beautiful bride and you truly captured it...
    You also captured the yuminess of the doughnuts....I think I gained 2 lbs just looking at the boxes!

  3. yes great pics - the one on linda is great...and so is your favorite jamie photo. cant wait to see you soon!!!


  4. you took these summer??!

    they are so great!! look at you go girl!! if you ever need a second shooter in your future, you know who to call! ;)


  5. Summer, the pictures are wonderful. The one of Jaime is so beautiful. It was such a wondeful wedding! The whole day was just great!

  6. Thank you friends. I am glad you guys build me up buttercups ;-) Tracey thank you for the compliment--you and Erin inspire me daily with your blogs and websites.

  7. Beautiful pics Sum! And congrats to Jamie & Lee!