Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rub a dub dub.....

Have you seen all the cute pictures of babies taking a bath? Adorable little suds on the tip of their noses or little rubber ducks in the background.
Well the thought of it inspired me to take photos while bathing my baby....Hines Dudley. Now I am not sure if it is difficult to take pics of bathing babies but let me tell you what....it is EXTREMELY difficult to take photos of a 5 month old puppy getting a bath.

First, Hines hates the water and trys to jump out of the tub every five seconds. Second, he shakes often which makes it hard to catch the shot because I have to keep covering my lens. Finally, he is solid black and just looks like a furry blob most of the time. (Would it be too much to ask to die his hair so I can get better pictures?)

The Supplies: Pet Head Shampoo, Large Georgia cup for pouring water over small dog's head, pet head smell good product (b/c I tend to miss a few spots), a comb for that crazy beard, and of course the Georgia shirt (can someone please buy me a NC State t-shirt for little man?)
Okay this is the beginning of the process. I am wearing my "dog washing" shirt. I knew the 500 sorority shirts that I bought in college would come in good for something. Notice, how he is already trying to escape. And yes, I see that my hair needs to be highlighted...no worries that is happening this week. (Thank you Mom for your photography work)
In the words of Aaron Neville and Linda Rondstadt..."Look at these eyes..." pleading with me to PLEASE put down the camera. It is hard to be a family member of a blogger, because I stop the natural flow of life to take pics. For example, small dog is FREEZING his tookus off right here but I had to take 5 pictures because he wouldn't look at me.
Dear my family members (especially you HINES),
I love you guys for supporting my blog. For future reference if you would just look at me as instructed and strike a pose instead of avoiding the camera, things would move faster. For example, Hines....just look at me, smile....and then I will take you out of the tub.
Love, Summer
Here he is the calculating risk of jumping the 3 feet vs. staying in the tub with crazy photographer lady.
The drying process goes quick because he so small. He doesn't really like it much though...my Grandma suggested using a hair dryer but I am afraid that would feel like Hurricane Hugo to this little guy. (And yes....I had an "I survived Hurricane Hugo t-shirt in the 80's)
His beard cracks me up. He catches everything in it....fuzz, food, dirt....henceforth why he needs a bath each and every week.
Here is the final product. As I look at it now, I am trying to figure out if he looks cleaner? He kind of looks like he put his paw in a socket. Definitely more fro like and fluffy but I am not sure about cleaner. Good thing I have that smell good spray to cover it up....it is like Febreeze for dogs.

PS: Hines, thank you for your support. Next time I promise to not take 1.2 million pictures while you shiver in the sink

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  1. I can't even type I am laughing so hard...poor little guy. Great pic of him in the towel...looks professional!