Saturday, March 13, 2010

My arm won't extend straight.....

I am sure you are wondering how is Summer's diet coming along? You might have even been losing sleep over it. Well, it is pretty tragic really. I miss bread. I miss dessert. I miss the feeling in my right bicep and forearm. And I miss being able to pee without throbbing pains in my quads. But other than that it is going swimmingly well.

I think it is day 4 of the diet. Hard to really say because due to my lack of caffeine and carbs I can hardly focus for my than 10 minutes. Sad.

I have only had water and A LOT of it to the tune of 12 (8 oz) glasses a day. Yes...I am floating.

I have hired a trainer who I have nicknamed Todd the Bod. He is one of "those" types....the triathlon running, bike riding, organic eating, "I do push-ups with one hand just for fun" types. And I like him. (NT works out with him too)
Iphone camera comes in handy yet again~

Here is a brief outline of my 3 days with Todd the Bod.

DAY 1: The DIET. I am doing 1700 calories a day with a food journal. It is broken down by starches, veggies, fruits, protein and dairy/fat. Each category then tells me what foods I can eat inside the calorie limit. Strangely I looked 10 times through the pages trying to find chocolate...not available! There will be more on this diet in a separate post.

DAY 2: ARMS. Oh my goodness....the arms. It was the most painful experience in my life. The pain was so intense in my biceps that it hurt in my nose (I don't know why but it did). i wanted to cry but figured that would be bad on our first workout day.

I even tried my usual know...he tells me to do 15 reps and suddenly I forget how to count and OOPS! did I only do 12 reps? my bad.
But this was the move that actually did me in. My arms were like little lifeless limbs and when I went to do the move above....I basically face planted to the floor. Todd the trainer was like just hold it for 10 more seconds. Really? "Sir, maybe I have not made my tiredness known. Let me explain. I am so tired that I am willing to lay my face on this GROSS gym floor just so I can rest. Dear Trianer, do you now understand how tired I am?"

DAY 3: Well....actually, I should tell you the conclusion to Day 2-Arms. At 4:30am this morning I awoke because my arm was writhing with pain. Like a Charlie Horse but in my arm. I COULD NOT straighten it. I per usual yell for NT and wake up the pets but there is nothing they can do. A handful of Ben Gay later slathered from my shoulder to wrist, I was able to stomach the pain and go back to sleep. (for about 10 more minutes until Mason was ready to start his day)

Okay....back to DAY 3 (today): LEG WORKOUT (P90x style). All I have to Girl Bye! We did more squats that Tiger had mistresses. After about the 100th squat and 5th wall sit, I was ready cry or die. And Todd the Bod had a new nickname....The Devil. He seemed to find it funny that I would have hard time squatting to pee by tomorrow.
This move which is known as the explosive squat was "special." See the gal above seems to be having fun for some reason as her quad muscles rip to shreds with each and every jump. is not that bad. This gal looks like a cheerleader, I looked more like a bloated frog. We probably did about 5.3 million of these today (obvious exaggeration)

The funny part is that I pay Todd the Bod (aka:the devil) to torture me in this way. Don't worry friends, NT has his first workout next week and I will have the muscle cream waiting!

BTW, our little gym is super cute-see logo below.Sweet little Denver, NC.


  1. Hey, Tod the Bod is kind of cute. Check out if he likes older women.