Saturday, March 20, 2010

Battle of the Lemonade

Today was a GORGEOUS day. And on days like this one in particular...I love Denver, NC. Lake towns are the best on 70 degree Saturdays! I was taking little Hinsey on a walk when I came up on an old school lemonade stand. The little boy was 12 (I asked) and he had two friends who were helping him run the stand. He put the full court press on me telling me I could get one glass for $.50 or two glasses for $1.00. What a bargain huh?

Obviously walking, I did not have any money on me but I told them I would be back. And let me tell you they DID NOT forget about me. But by the time I got back to the house I saw another lemonade stand had set up on a different corner--this time it was the girls.

This shaped up to be a nice competitive Boy vs. Girl lemonade war. Nothing like young entrepreneurs. Let's compare why Girls are ALWAYS so much better than boys---just saying.......

1: THE SIGNAGE. Please see below to compare the details of the boys sign vs. the gals.
Yep--the gals who are obviously more creative used color and visual images for their lemonade.

2. INCENTIVE TO BUY. The ladies were offering a FREE Reese's cup with purchase of a small lemonade. Okay, so yes they were melted but it is the thought that counts.

3. LOCATION. The boys win this one only because they were on the main street corner in the neighborhood. The girls were originally not allowed to leave their driveway but they did eventually get to move to the corner of our street but it is not a high traffic area.
4. COMMITMENT TO SUCCEED. Both lemonade stands started at noon. The boys closed up shop at 1:30. The girls stayed until the last cup (which was 4pm). That is commitment. I might hire them to make cold calls for me.

NT was the girls #1 customer. They ended up making $9.50 and NT and I were $2.50 of that total. What can I say we have a thing for young entrepreneurs.
Now I love that the little red headed gal wanted me to take a picture of the sign on the post but she didn't want to be in the picture. So she was "hiding"-kind of like Hines. He thinks if he can't see me then I can't see him.....not so much. (Check out her Rainbow Brite nails)

The boy walked down twice and asked the girl's how much they had made and they said "we are not telling you." This was when I knew the competition was on. NT and I supported both lemonade stands and really it gave me an idea....
I did start thinking that if radio advertising sales doesn't improve I can always set up shop in our front yard--good idea, huh? I could sell cookies and lemonade! Take that 8 years olds.


  1. Wow..very impressed by thist post. Mainly, because you guys seemed to monitor the lemonade business ALL DAY. But for good cause...the love of blogging. Chelsea

  2. Chels-we live in Denver. There is nothing else to do but monitor the 8 year old's lemonade stands. Thank goodness for blogging to be my entertainment.