Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I wanna know what love is....

In the words of Foreigner....

"I wanna know what love is....

I want you to show me...."

Well, guys here it is....true love at it's finest. A man and his grill.
Those of you who know somebody who owns a Big Green Egg understand that it is a bit of a cult. . Seriously, they have their own festival called the Eggtober fest. The Big Green Egg is a charcoal grill and smoker and by NT's standards you would think it produced lumps of gold.

Let me give you a few case studies to show why I believe NT loves Eggward (the name of our grill) as much as he loves me and Mason.

  1. When we were moving to Charlotte the only question NT asked the mover was how would the Big Green Egg get here safely? And then we chose our mover mainly based off the fact that he was also an "Egghead"
  2. He calls himself an Egghead.
  3. When the BGE was first delivered, NT looked at it with adoring eyes. It was a very similar look to as when we saw each other for the first time on our wedding day.
  4. He named it Eggward.
  5. We move it into the house when it rains. (okay-just kidding-but it is not a stretch)
There he is in all of it's beauty. That metal thing it is sitting in is called a "nest", cute huh? The truth is that the food REALLY is better when prepared on the Big Green Egg.
Are you wondering how NT talked me into getting this grill? Well, I was sold once I saw how cute it was. If only they had a BIG PINK EGG....that would be really cool! I should invent that for my female grillin' friends.
We use the Big Green Eggs to make grilled veggies--supper yummy!
We used to make steaks, ribs and barbeque but now on the new diet plan....we eat chicken. Chicken. chicken. and chicken.
The thing I like about this pic is the dogs in the background. I feel like we are living the life here in Denver. A beautiful evening by the lake, grilling out and the puppies are just chillin'. Mason is behind NT on the left and little Hinsey is that black spec on the right.
"mmmm......this grill brush smells like chicken....and I want to lick it but it is rough"
By the way, this is our new patio furniture. It is super comfortable. We also got a Gigantor umbrella for those hot Lake Norman summer days.

Some of you have asked....how is the diet going? Well....it is going. However, I am in the craving state. I would probably trade you my dog for a chocolate chip cookie right now. (Chris, don't get any ideas) The good news is I was able to zip the bridesmaid dress....the bad news is I can't breathe in it. And I look like a ghost. Must find a spray tan...STAT.

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  1. You know Summer.... We TALKED ABOUT THIS!!!!! There is a better way! :-) Love the patio furniture by the way. And our neighbors are BGE people - so I totally get it.