Sunday, January 31, 2010


Wow--it is a good thing we really like our house because we have been cooped up in here for almost 48 hours. As any good wife would do, I ventured out to the grocery store on Friday and bought the necessities such as....brownies, taco shells, string cheese, gatorade, mini oreos, and salsa.

Here is a rough outline of our weekend:

4:30am- Mason wakes up everyone to announce he needs to pee
4:40am- Finally bundle up enough to take pets out in the blizzard
5:30am- Dogs are fed. Mason wakes everyone up to announce he needs to poop
5:40 am- NT bundled up to take out pups who now refuse to pee or poop in snow
9:00 am- Oh Joy! I get to shovel snow to create a small grassy area for pets to "go" in

10am-NT makes his famous Waffles!! Yum!

11am- NT watches Braveheart for the 10th time and I finally finish wedding album
12n, 1p, 2p, 3p, 4p, 5p, 6p, and so on---stand in sub zero temps while dogs use the aforementioned 4' x 4' grassy area
3p NT makes brownies ( we apparently eat a lot when it snows)
4p- We watch "The Island"-crazy movie but I kind of liked it
7p- Rachael Ray's Neopolitan Baked Ziti (pretty good & I got to use my new Bubble & Brown dishes!)

9p- Bible Reading, a little basketball watchin', check out some blogs and bed early

4:30am-Repeat up above pattern with mason this time substitute blizzard for" ice skating rink"
8:00am- Realize we are out of milk and want to cry. I knew I should have followed the standard list of three--Milk, Bread and Eggs
10am- Devise Escape plan. Must be by foot-roads are too icy.
10:30am- Slip and Slide around the neighborhood trying to take fun winterland photos

12noon- NT and I risk the drive in order to maintain sanity by getting out of the house. We go to the bagel shop where the heat is broke! and then to Food Lion to get some milk (Yay!)
2pm- Play every Wii game we own
4pm- make lots of list ("Things to buy at Pottery Barn Outlet" list, "Work to-do" list, grocery list, "Things to get for the house" list, "Things to blog about" list, a list of things that you can make list for)
6pm -leftovers for dinner
7pm - Bloggin, Pro-Bowl and countdown to the Grammy's

Tomorrow-Please go away snow.


We each took a picture of Hines and we are arguing who took the better pic--which do you think is better? PICTURE A or PICTURE can comment anonymously to keep your identity safe....


  1. Picture B's my choice, but they're both very good. (How's that for straddling the fence?)

    Gatsby got used to the snow pretty quickly, but he still wasn't quite sure what to make of all this white stuff that covered up his grass. At least he didn't eat the yellow snow.

    And that baked ziti looks phenomenal. Can you send the recipe? - thank you friend :)

  2. i vote for A. this post is hysterical. and great snow it for red bird/pale sky :)

  3. I vote for can see his sweet little face.

  4. both are good but i luv B - what an adorable face?! Great post Sum!