Sunday, January 3, 2010

Home Goods-I love you.

Some people say Disney is the happiest place on earth, I have to disagree and say that Home Goods when paired up with Marshall's is the happiest place on the planet. You never know what you will find, but you know it will be at an amazing price. HG is a dangerous place for a shopaholic like me because you always end up with things you don't really need simply because it is "cute," affordable or happens to be sitting on a shelf that you walk by. For example, last night NT and I went solely to find these uber-cute chairs and instead we came home with: colorful cheese knives, drawer organizers, 12 polka dot linen napkins, a casserole dish, an orange pillow, a Rachel Ray knife, a linen smelling Yankee candle and a reusable shopping bag to carry it in. No chairs. Oh well, Home Goods I still love you even if you make me broke.
I may not have found my dream chairs last night (see below) but I did find these cute and ever so colorful cheese tools. The only problem is we don't really eat a lot of cheese so can I use these as little mini butter knives?
These chairs are in my dreams nightly. Ever since I saw them I literally picture these chairs in different places around our home including their perfect spot which is in our breakfast nook. Neal and I headed out on a mission to find these chairs, but as with all good finds at HG you have to be a confident shopper and buy on the spot. No hesitation ;-)


  1. i too love home goods. and i love cheese!! we just got some tools, but those ar much cuter :) are those chairs only at home goods? if so - i will keep an eye out in atlanta.

  2. i also love home goods & yall know i love cheese!! the chairs are adorable - good luck hunting them down!

  3. you should return the cheese knives.....Sum...not necessary !!