Friday, January 29, 2010

Color me pretty-

I want a wall decal. Not just any decal that you can buy at Hobby Lobby but an AMAZING "could be a real painting but it's not" decal. The only problem is that NT is having a hard time justifying a $50 investment on a glorified large sticker. Nonetheless, I feel like I will win this battle. Think of wall decals as my surround sound...or my ping pong table.

So now the issue is which wall art shall I choose?? Check out etsy if you need something fun for your home as well, click here for one of my favorite wall decal shops. And click here for my cousin's etsy shop.

I love this Cherry Tree. I know it would be the perfect touch of brightness in our breakfast nook!
This fabulous decal would go in my office in the tiny space in the corner. I am a wee bit obsessed with birds and I have a feeder right outside of my office window so this would be perfect! I wonder if Parsnip (the cat) would try to eat this bird as well?

I must have these trees for behind our bed. I am not sure if it is because we saw Avatar tonight or what but I feel a connection to nature and I need these dream trees. I would like to point out that my last decal was only 24 inches long and it took me an hour to put it on the wall--luckily with the 8 inches of snow we have on the ground I have nothing but time!

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