Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year. A New Project.

To be honest I have tried the "blogging" thing a few different times without much success. But I made a resolution for 2010 and here we go. Join me for the fun. My hubby asked me why did I name my blog 12 Crayons and I have many great reasons. 1. I love crayons (consider me an almost 30 year old with the interests of child) 2. I want my postings to be about colorful things in my life 3. Life is better illustrated with a box of crayons

This blog will be about...This. That. and Everything in Between. It will feature stories about our crazy pets, highlight my struggles in trying to become the domestic diva I dream of being and my random photography. So to our friends and family check in often and hopefully this is not on of those resolutions that last one week.

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  1. love it!! am gonna be following your blog sweetie!! :) xo