Sunday, January 3, 2010

Why hate on the casserole?

I like casseroles-my mom used to make a mean tator tot casserole that I would eat three servings of-yum. So imagine my dismay when I found out that NT does not like casseroles. In fact this is a deep seeded dislike because his mom has a list from when he was 8 years old naming the top ten things he didn't like...including Casseroles and Leftovers. Now for a newly married gal who can't cook, you can see how this could be a challenge. For starters, I am absolutely not domestic. I am like a bowl in a china shop in the kitchen. So casseroles could be (should be) my lifesaver--simple one dish recipes that are pretty hard to mess up. However, with Neal not liking casseroles I am in a bind. Tonight I am going to try to disguise and update a casserole (Casseroles 3.0 if you will) it is called Inside Out Spaghetti and it looks super yummy in the magazine. Simple enough. Cheese, pizza sauce, ground beef, onions, noodles and some spices.
To help with the 2010 resolution of being a Domestic Diva-I bought a couple of cooking magazines. I tried to hide the title of "casseroles" from NT but he saw it. Bugger.
Here is the final product in the oven. To be honest it was just "ok." I would give it a 5 out of 10. It kind of tasted like meatloaf meets spaghetti. NT ate it but said not to keep the leftovers-bad sign. Try again tomorrow--on the menu: Pecan Chicken Tenders with Honey sauce and sweet potatoes


  1. come to atlanta. we will teach you how to cook! last night's menu (for bob's bday): london broil and crab legs. i respect your effort though :)

  2. I too am learning to cook! Not a domestic diva yet, but getting there. B & I had ribeye & crab legs for New Year's. (Yup, still eating meat). Keep trying Sum - it's all about practice.

  3. Thanks Lake Park roomies. You guys sound like you are a bit ahead of me since I am still working on the casserole level!