Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Mistake #1: Going back to the gym for the first time in 3 months and doing the treadmill on a 15 incline. I about flew off the back of it once I got to a 4.0 speed. Then I proceeded to try to do a "pre-wedding type" work out and about passed out. My arms were shaking like a leaf after holding a plank for just one minute! How easy it is to fall out of shape. (Note: That is not me in the picture-how does she look so happy?)

Mistake #2: Getting involved in yet another reality series. You all know how I love Biggest Loser, Big Brother, Survivor, So you Think You Can Dance, American Idol, The Bachelor... should I continue? Well now you can add MTV's the Jersey Shore to the list-really?

Mistake #3: Letting NT go with my Dad to the car auction in Statesville. Guess what we are the proud new owners of?? A beautiful 2008 Canyon truck. Actually, he was in the market and this was a great deal thanks to my dad's mad auctioning skills. I love black vehicles (impractical but pretty). This will be great to pull our boat (oh wait-we don't have a boat but maybe one day)

One thing that was not a mistake yesterday was my fabulous cooking (ok-it is a bit of a stretch). I made honey crusted chicken tenders with a yummy honey mustard sauce and they were great! NT even went back for seconds. This recipe will now move from the "test kitchen" phase to the "i have made it" notecard file.

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