Sunday, January 24, 2010

What's for dinner?

So I am not an amazing cook--we all get that. You really can't be considered an amazing cook if you have started 3 kitchen fires. Of course, I am working on it. However, what I am pretty good at is making lists. I make lists for EVERYTHING. I love paper, organizing tablets, calendars, sharpies, binders, notebooks, etc. So when I found this cool grocery list tablet at Target-I had to have it.

Every Sunday,I sit down and plan the menu for the week. I bring out the Rachel Ray archives, the cook books, recipe clippings and favorites. From there I make my grocery list. And then I TRY to find coupons that match up. I am new to this coupon stuff but I did save $30 last week at the store with my coupons. I do not have the amazing stories where you get $100 of groceries for free--but you get the idea.
And then, to be totally like a Pottery Barn Catalog--I write it on the chalkboard in the kitchen.
I always look in the PB Catalog and see those ever so staged office and kitchen settings thinking who keeps their life that organized. This is my one contribution.
So I still have a way to go to make my wall look like this--

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