Sunday, January 24, 2010


I would say in general, I am pretty trusting. I am a control freak but otherwise trusting. So when I mentioned that I would like to have power outlets in the floor so we wouldn't have lamp cords running across the den and Dad volunteered his electrician services, I was game. H0wever, when he walked in with 3+ saws and started to carve in to the hardwood floors of our new house--I became slightly nervous. My Dad comes from the old school philosophy of "DIY-Do it Yourself" or at least Do it Yourself first and if that doesn't work you can call somebody.

So here we go:

NOTE: My Dad is below that hole underneath the house. The highlight of this 7 hour project was trying to find where to put the holes. It was a series of 1000 or so knockings on the floor and we amazingly ended up close to the target (well within 6 inches ;-)

Do you know the scene from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation after he spent all day stringing the Christmas lights and he brings out the family to watch the lighting? He has them do a drum roll.....and then nothing. Well this was what it felt like last night- we plugged in the lamp, the drumroll began, fingers were crossed....and nothing! It didn't work. My electrician/painter/carpenter/auto technician Dad felt like everything had been done correctly. So we ordered pizza and called it a night--we would try again the next day.

And finally.. WE HAVE LIGHT. Originating magically from our floor. And we saved money by using the multi-talents of my dad. Love him.

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