Monday, January 25, 2010


NT and I did our resolutions together this year. I liked it. It makes it so much better to have two people working towards the same goal(s). Now that we are almost at the end of month one, I think it is a good time to evaluate.

Here is where we are:

-Take a trip per quarter (bugger-no plans yet)
-Entertain/Go Out with friends twice per month (check and check)

-This is probably boring to most of you but basically it involves a lot of torture by cold calling multiple hours each week. It also involves the very painful act of going to networking events. Networking does not have to be painful--it can be fun even--but in the beginning I feel a bit of a wallflower.

-Read one book per month (check for NT)
-Cook 3-4 days per week (Done-fire and all)
-Volunteer once per quarter (We need to get going on this one)
-Be Active/Work Out (Done-Denver Health & Fitness 4 life)
-Start and update Blog (Done)
-NT: 3 fly fishing trips and play 4 new golf courses (this probably does not include me)

-Find, Attend and Get Involved in a Church (Lake Norman Baptist--we "heart" you)
-Read Bible Daily (see below)

I have often had the New Year's resolution to read my bible daily and I normally make it to the end of Genesis. However this year is different. NT and I are taking a Voyage through the Bible-a one year voyage. Lake Norman Baptist started this program by having the church commit to a daily reading plan. We are reading in chronological order the events of the bible from the beginning of time...and honestly it is very exciting. In case you want to follow along, here is this week (I will update each week).

Monday (1/25) Genesis 31:1-32:32
Tuesday (1/26) Genesis 33:1-35:29, 1 Chronicles 2:1-2
Wednesday (1/27) Genesis 37:1-39:23
Thursday (1/28) Genesis 40:1-41:57
Friday (1/29) Genesis 42:1-44:34
Saturday (1/20) Genesis 45:1-46:9, Chronicles 5:1-6, Genesis 46:10-12

So in conclusion--we are doing pretty good on our resolutions. I am proud of us.

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