Sunday, May 2, 2010

It is hard to believe but NT and I have been married one year today. It has been an amazing ride so far.... a lot of change......we have both started new jobs, we moved to Charlotte, we got a puppy....a wonderful first year if you ask me! My goal was to pick my favorite five wedding pictures for the blog but somehow five became 25.

My handsome husband.

This one is probably my favorite. Today anyways. We have over 2000 wedding pictures...and my question is what do you do with all of them? I feel kind of weird to have pictures of Neal and I in EVERY room (and always wearing the same outfit ;-)

These balloons possibly could have lifted NT off of the ground.

Our beautiful wedding party.

Our table numbers showcased different places that NT and I had traveled. This is Vegas. And No that is not really Johnny is a wax statue.
My PaPa. (pronounced: Paw. Paw.)
I wish I could post all of the pictures of us walking down the aisle because I waved the entire time. It was as if I was in a parade. Hey you....and you...and I think I was just so excited to see our family and friends...I couldn't stop waving!
My lovely Grandma. precious.

I was in love with my flowers. and my soon to be husband.

Our first dance. I love NT's expression in this picture.
My Dad and I did a choreographed dance number, it was a really special moment for me and something I will always remember!

The CANDY BAR. (with my little handmade signs)

Cheers to another great year of wedded bliss.


  1. Great, great pics....brought back memories of a wonderful, fun day that went wa-a-ay too fast. Congratulations!!!

  2. What a beautiful day! That candy table almost did me in - haha. Happy anniversary!!