Thursday, May 27, 2010

Can the unicorns please stand up?

After this harsh week, I am fully aware that the world of gumdrops, pink unicorns and gumdrops does not exist here on earth. I guess that will be when we meet the big man in heaven.

And in that magical place, I hope there are no homeless people. Point #3 from Monday's blog. I am that know the one.... that stops and gives the guy on the street corner money. In Raleigh,it is likely that you will see one homeless person a day; however, in San Francisco it was one per block-hundreds per day. Just over and over, people asking us for money and it would just TUG on my heart strings.

And some of the people were just plain mean. They would yell at us when we didn't give them money. NT made the comment that if we gave everyone a dollar we would be broke so we decided to give money to the ones who were putting effort into singing, drawing, playing bucket drums, giving directions.

Then we met my favorite gentleman, playing "Stand by Me" at the Cable Car line. No really...he only played Stand by me...the same chorus over and over. We heard it 20 times while in line but I enjoyed it.

Here is my friend:
NOTE: That he is playing the guitar with a plastic spoon.
And smiling. I like when people smile. It gives me joy.

This will probably be the last San Fran posting, so here are a few of the wine country pictures. It was GORGEOUS there. I loved the laid back lifestyle....perfect for someone like me who likes to be in bed by 10pm and do puzzles in the middle of the afternoon.

We visited many wineries and our favorite was Bella which is small winery owned by a husband and wife team. Google it and read their story.

The tour was inside their wine cave. It was just NT and I and the tour guide.
It was a beautiful rainy day. NT is prepared with his wine glasses.
These are little baby grapes. They will grow into big grapes (obviously) and be picked in September.
It was fun to taste a few of the wines right out of the barrel!
And there were many many barrels.

On a sidebar-well this whole posting as basically been a sidebar-here is the watch I got NT for his Birthday along with one of those cool e-reader devices called the NOOK from Barnes N' Noble.

We are off to the beach tomorrow with the Dales. I am taking family pictures of them--we have never vacationed with a 3 year old and 3 month old. I should have LOTS of stories for Monday's blog ;-)

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