Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oh Baby! (or babies in this case)

First, I apologize for my lack of blogging. I am so dern busy. My spellchecker is highlighting the word "dern" that not a word? I swear it is in Kannapolis.

Anywho, I am sure you are busy too. Springtime really brings out my crazy schedule-it is the culmination of the busiest month in radio sales, the season end of all my favorite reality tv shows, our anniversary, my dad and my husbands birthday, mother's day, business trips out the yin-yang and we are going to California in a week. Yikes!

Did I mention Project Runway, Amazing Race, American Idol, Survivor, The Hills, The City, Real World/Road Rules Challenge, Dancing with the Stars and Glee are all on at the same time....oh I did mention that....ok then...onward...

I promised earlier in the week to share some pictures from the Crim Maternity shoot. NT and I met this amazing couple at church and learned their special story (& challenges) about trying to get pregnant and now they are blessed to be pregnant with twins!!!

This picture session was not meant to be like the typical maternity pictures with the bare belly out because Wendy had already done a few shots like this and felt she was "past the point of cute preggo belly." Instead she wanted pictures to showcase how supportive her husband Matt has been through the pregnancy. Pictures that showed how amazing of a Dad he is about to be--

Speaking of Proud Daddy...
Now....I know that all the photo websites say that selective color (leaving color in one spot of the photo) is out of date....overdone....cheesy...BUT....I still love it. Especially in this case with the color blocks and baby clothes. I don't care if it is overdone....Selective Color 4 life.

That's right.......there are two little bundles of joy in there. 2 boys.

Hopefully, in a couple of months you can check back and see some fun baby shots of the sure to be beautiful Crim Twins.

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  1. i still enjoy the color thing :) keep on doing it gal! and what a fun couple.....good luck to them!