Thursday, May 13, 2010

I miss him.

So we are heading off to California tomorrow (Sat.) so we had to drop off the kids off at the grandparent's house. Hines at my parent's and Mason at NT's parents.....and Parsnip was left to fend for himself.

You guys probably know how much I love our pets so it was really hard for me to say good-bye.....especially to Hines. Hines is with me EVERY WHERE I go....while I work, when I cook, when I pee....

I almost cried when I dropped him off with my Dad and I had to recite a few famous lyrics from my girl Fergie...."I'm gonna miss you like a child misses their blanket, but I gotta get a move on with my life. It's time to be a big girl now and big girl's don't cry" Thank you Fergie for those melodic lyrics

Truthfully, this is how a parent must feel when dropping their kids off at kindegarten because here I am all overcome with emotion and Hines barely looked back. He was just so happy to be with my dad.....also known as the "King of Chicken." See....Hines doesn't get much people food, but my dad has a habit of slipping the pups chicken, oatmeal cookies, ice cream sandwiches etc. ( NOTE FOR MY DAD: Dad, please don't feed little Hinsey anything other than his treats and food, I weighed him before I left so I am watching you ;-)

Now, I wanted to share with you the packing process for both dogs.

Here is Hines "stuff":

4 stuffed animals, Peanut Butter for his bone, a pair of my shoes because he likes to sit on them, food, a leash, bones, my sports bra and knee brace....i have not idea why but Hines loves my exercise clothes, treats, clothing, a brush....

Here is Mason's "stuff":

And I would show you my stuff but I have a problem with over packing and it is kind of embarrassing.

Mason ready to hit the road....
And for those who need a Hines fix (aka: Chris) he is:


  1. have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to hear about aand happy birthday to neal!

    ps. i know why hines likes your exercise clothes. will explain later.


  2. Awwe - how cute? I felt the saaame way the first time I dropped Tiernan off at day-care :O) Hope you're having a great time in CA!