Monday, May 31, 2010

DeAr SqUiRRel

DeAr SqUiRRel,

I sEe YoU haNgiNg oFf the sIde of mY hOUse... teaSIng me. I ParSNip, need yoU to knoW thaT i hAve blAck bElt in karaTe anD wiLl taKe yOu doWn in oNe sWipE.....if i cOuld jUSt gEt oFf thIs pOrCh.

I haVe mAny impReSsive aBiliTies. I cAn rUn a 100 yArd dAsH in a 10x10 spAce. I cAn do raPid fiGure 8's aRouNd a huMaN's legs wHile meoWing. I caN emPty aN auTomAtic feeDer iN unDer 10 mInuTes. and i cAn fit in aNy tInY caBineT or drAweR.

So vEry afRaiD. WheN I gEt out oF tHis pRisOn, I am coMinG aFter yOu.


parsnip the cat
From the window, I saw parsnip jump straight up the air about 5 feet. And then he got into his hunting position which is a very still crouch. Then he proceeded to enter a staring contest with a squirrel that had taken residence on the side of our house.

I personally was also fascinated. Now that we live in the country we can get a little closer to nature.;-) For example, I have always thought that squirrels were cute and cuddly. I never understood why people would want get a bird feeder that would deter squirrels...I thought I would welcome them.

Until I saw the claws on this little guy. He was a fiesty looking little bugger....ready to attach. I am not worried, because Parsnip was ready to attack....too bad he is trapped on the porch.

Stay tuned for some of the cutest pics of the Dale Family Vacation.

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