Monday, April 26, 2010

Gimme' that Fish

Have you seen the McDonalds Filet of Fish of commercial? It gives me life (thanks Bre)

I sing this little jingle all the time.
And I sound like a fool when doing it.
Please watch this clip.


Did you laugh? I am literally laughing out loud right now just thinking about it.
If the person who wrote this jingle reads my blog (which they obviously don't) I want to tell them "you are amazingly creative and your jingle rocks my summer"

Gimme that fish.

Okay on to Atlanta Part Deux.

I have been visiting my college roommate LP in Atlanta for the past 8 years and it was this trip that I could tell we have really matured (aka: we are getting old). 8 years ago my ATL visit would have included staying out til 4am, dancing til our feet hurt, eating at the Waffle House in the middle of the night because our metabolism was amazing, looking at boys (sorry NT but it is true) and shopping for lots of clothes that I didn't need (well some things didn't change)

However, this trip we showed our age. We were in bed by midnight both nights and that was late. We did a nice dinner and a show and one night and a potluck dinner the other night (it was great btw), And we shopped for antiques. Now that point hits home so let me repeat....we shopped for antiques. Gulp. I remember when my parents FORCED me to go to auctions and now I would love to go. Weird. I am becoming my mother (which is a good thing!)

I will be 30 years old in two months. Gulp #2.

Biggar Antiques warmed my heart. Here are some pictures. No photos allowed inside so you only get to see the funkiness that was available outside.
Please click on the picture above and make it bigger so you can see the coolness of the A&W gal and the big cowboy man.
There was old stuff EVERYWHERE. Apparently they use a lot of this stuff for props in movies. They are currently supplying ALL the props for the new Harry Potter ride in Disneyworld.
Suitcase anyone? which one do you like? I LOVE the yellow ones with the brown handles.
In a way this Mickey is a bit creepy and in another way he reminds me of a very happy and very large PEZ dispenser.
LP is Jewish and wanted me to take this picture of the "Jewel" sign. I like the shadow of the tree in the background.
This sign was at the front of the building. I loved it. I didn't buy anything because I couldn't figure out how to fit a 1200 pound A&W root beer man on the top of LP's corolla but maybe next time.

.....switching subjects now.....

For you container gardening folks....oh one? Well keep reading anyway. You may remember one of my first blog postings about my garden......well don't dwell on that because it is dead. But maybe I will try again....MAYBE.

And if I do try again, I will not germinate my seeds I will buy the plant like any sensible beginner gardener would do. And then I will plant my plants in super cute old crates like LP.

See below.
This is clever too.....herbs in a flour sifter. I like it. I even think it shows I am getting older in that I took pictures of veggies and herbs. Pictures from 8 years ago ATL trip would be hard to even decipher.

To come later this week....maternity photos of the Crims! Good Night.


  1. to all who wants to plant in old crates (things i've learned the hard way):

    1. cant use a saucer under the flour makes everything rust and the roots get moldy! check.
    2. must drill holes in the bottom of the wood crates. check.
    3. must line the boxes with heavy plastic for landscaping. uh, no check...does paper towels and aluminum foil count?
    4. they get heavy.
    5. must cover up any handles on the sides so that soil doesnt fall out. check.
    6. lettuce is tough!

    Summer - you antique shop photos came out great!!! love the motel one.


  2. I too LOVE the filet-o-fish commercial. It gets stuck in your head & you have to sing it over & over. :O)
    Anyways...great post Sum! Cannot believe LP has been in the ATL for 8 years. We really are getting old, huh? Loving the pics from the antique store tho, especially the suitcases! Can't wait to see ya Fri.! LP - super excited about coming to the ATL in July. Love ya roomies!!