Monday, May 10, 2010

I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks. And I am the old dog. I am embracing my soon to be "oldness" since I will be 30 years old in 8 weeks. And as far as my new tricks....I am taking a photography class at the wonderful Light Factory here in Charlotte. It is every Wednesday evening for 3 hours of fun!

After my first class, which was last week they gave us a homework assignment of shooting in the semi-manual setting of Aperture Priority. (Basically shooting at different f-stops which affects the depth of field smaller stops (larger f numbers) produce a longer depth of field, allowing objects of all distances to all be in focus at the same time.

I tend to like to shoot with shallow depth of field....making the subject pop and leaving the background blurry. Here a few pics from my first homework assignment....
By the way...who writes the fortunes that go inside of these cheap cookies? Do you know their contact info? Because I need to email them and tell them they misspelled From on my fortune and it is messing up my picture. (These were at f5.6-see how the background is out of focus?)
Then since my poor pets are a bit tired of my gazillion pictures, I decided to torture various fruits and veggies around the house. Smile Limes.
Look this way Oranges. (f5 on this one)

And .....say cheese....I mean citrus....(ha, ha-I crack myself up) f9 here..
Have you seen my latest Home Good amazing deal? Right in the middle of the summer dishes was this fun and fab suitcase. I love the colors. Luckily my mom has the patience to look thru clutter and found this....
By the way, NT has a birthday this week. Happy Birthday honey! Now HE is REALLY old-34! just kidding....kind of.

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  1. so proud of you for starting the class! though i am lost with the f-things. someday i will understand :)

    ps. that suitcase looks familiar....