Sunday, June 6, 2010


I learned a lot from our beach trip last week. Such as:

  1. Low Country Boils are yummy.
  2. Hangin' out with a 3 year old is fun.
  3. I still like to play Go Fish.
  4. You will eat more fruit if you put it in a bowl in the fridge.
  5. And NT and I would like to own a golf cart.
To be honest, I really didn't even know what a low country boil was....I am actually still not sure if I know now. Basically you but lots of stuff in a pot and then you boil it. And instead of serving it on plates you empty onto the center of an outdoor table on stacks of newspaper. Kind of a strange concept (I think...)

These pictures are SOOC (Straight Out of the Camera-no edit--I did not make up this term, I think the Pioneer Woman did)

First here is the final product and then we will back up:

I would recommend double clicking on this picture so you can the massive amounts of food in this pot.
Now for a quick back track. I was left in charge of putting down the newspaper and paper towel on the table--it was windy so I asked my 3 year old best friend, Addison to go get something to weigh it down.

She says..."something heavy?"

I said..."Yep, anything heavy will work."

And out she comes with....
Three My Little Ponies.
These are the prettiest paperweights I have ever seen. (especially the pink one)

Though it was a strange choice of "something heavy", the ponies did their job and we enjoyed a super fun dinner at the beach.
I feel the need to give a quick shot out to the younger Baby Dale....Hey Emma!
More pics from our beach vacation tomorrow--if I can make myself focus long enough to blog!


  1. i LOVE low county boils!!! though i didnt know what they were until i came to atlanta....must not be a raleigh thing :)


  2. In Addison's mind those ponies were the PERFECT solution! What else would we have used...? :)


  3. I too LOVE low country boils! But we've always called it Frogmore Stew & we only make it ath the beach. YUM!!!