Thursday, April 8, 2010


Are you familiar with the program Quickbooks? I am not sure who invented this product but it was obviously a male. (I just Googled and indeed it was a male) Basically it is an accounting software that is normally used by small businesses to track "money in and money out". Lucky for me (note of sarcasm)....NT recently purchased a copy.

I was a shop-a-holic before I got married. I admit it. And this is the first step to getting better.

But Quickbooks and the ability to view debit card transactions online are really putting a damper on my spending. Even basic everyday "need to live" getting my nails done and vital trips to Home Goods are tracked.

I think of it almost like a "SUMMER GPS" or Summer Tracking System if you will.

If NT needs to find me he can just log onto and it would show a map of my days activities. She was at the coffee shop at 10am, and then she had lunch at Panera, then she was in in Huntersville visiting Home Goods.

Do you ladies know what I am saying? Let me explain what motivated me to write this post. I found a flower pot that I really...I am in love with this flower pot. It makes my heart pitter-patter. I would look at it each time I drove by and finally one day I stopped...and it was WAY too expensive but like a true shopaholic..... I justified it. Then I purchased it.

And then, magically, less than 12 hours later my purchase appears online buggers. Can't they fudge the number just a little? Maybe make it half price or something?

And some of you ladies might have husbands who don't even check the bank account.....lucky you. But my husband is a numbers guy, a "I love graphs and excel spreadsheets" kind of guy. So I seeked out a bit of various advice of how to cover random purchases like overpriced flower pots.

First, from my mother-in-law the recommendation to get cash back while at the grocery store. Store this cash in a secret location. Save up for large adorable overpriced sky blue flower pots.

Second, I came up with this one. Use NT's recently purchased guitar and weed trimmer as leverage to justify my purchases.

Third, just remind NT that when he fell in love with me I was a shopaholic. This may never change. (Right, Dad?)

The summary of my that Quickbooks and Online account review are very bad things and that life would be a bit easier if certain purchases just faded into the woodwork.

Happy Shopping ladies ;-) Did I mention I am going to IKEA Saturday? A place as dangerous as home goods for me!


  1. Tell Neal that is he is showing a great effort but I think eventually he will lose this battle...take it from chris. He doesn't even look at bank account specifics anymore..unless a number jumps out at him..which still happens occasionally :).
    He has learned that my shopping problem is a life long addiction.
    Cash back at grocery store is a great idea! also, I still have my own credit card for those purchases I just can bear him to view the cost (and then transfer money out of account later when he is distracted!!)

  2. So funny & absolutely true! But I'm the 'numbers' person in our house so I LOVE QB & Wachovia's online banking!! Brian rarely checks those, but ALWAYS notices the new clothes, shoes, etc. when they show up in our closet. Blast!

  3. Such a sad, sad post. Brought tears to my eyes. I thought I taught you better than to allow this. Sad, sad, just plain sad.