Tuesday, April 20, 2010


As many of you know, I love my camera. And the television show Glee. (I only tell you that because I am watching the Madonna episode right now. Amazing.) And my dogs. And scrapbooking. And the smell of fresh cut grass.....oh, right....back to the point...

After a mini lifetime I am putting more of Skipper (yes the barbie doll) and Rob's engagement pictures up. Like I said in a previous post, when you let a beginning photographer take your pics you never know what you are in for. And for Skipper and Rob, that meant 1,248 hitchkicks and posing with a donkey. Here are a few of my favorites. (BTW, Dear Blogspot, Can you make it where my pictures are bigger? Love Summer)

Now for a few of the outtakes...so the hitchkicks. You know what I am talking about right? The heels click in the air a la Wizard of Oz. I have seen it on many photographers websites and per usual they make it look SO simple. IT's NOT. (Just ask Skip and Rob)

Here is an example shot from the fabulous Erin Gilmore (www.eringilmorephotography.com)
As you can see, it is all about timing and synchronization. And apparently keeping your hitchkick low (is that even what it is called?). But truthfully the best part about the hitchkick shot is how hard it made me laugh....I almost wet my pants with laughter watching Rob practically kick the sun he was so high.

Here are a few outtakes:
And you know what I really appreciate....the effort. Here are probably the thoughts of Skipper and Rob. "Okay summer.....we have traveled to two barns, been kissed by a donkey, stepped in cow patties, walked through 7 spider webs, kissed 5.2 million times and you want us to WHAT?" The truth is I really didn't know how to get the kicks at the same time....so we went for the old fashioned count to 3 method.

After 33 shots (no really....33) check out this synchronization (too bad I only go their feet in the shot ;-):
So after reading this post....you folks go ahead and let me know when you are ready for me to take your pics....just prepare for donkeys and kicks. And April....you already committed so you can't run now...Harris family here I come!


  1. Great pics Sum! I will forever be thankful for the pics you took of Tiernan when he was 6 weeks old. And I'm sure Skipper & Rob will have fond memories of their shoot too. Thanks again babe - you rock!

  2. A friend had this up the other day....thought you might enjoy.... http://www.aphotoeditor.com/2010/04/19/stages-of-a-photographer/