Friday, April 16, 2010

This and That.

I am in Atlanta visiting my friend LP so you can certainly expect many stories. I know I promised engagement pictures of my friend Skipper and Rob but due to my packed social schedule (ie: Project Runway Finale Part 1) I have not had time to edit them. So instead you get random pictures of some cute gals at church and pics of Mason's nose.

Let's start with Mason's nose. I recently got a new wide angle lens-Yay. So what did I do first? I took a picture of a my feet and my arm. It makes you look like you have go-go gadget arms. Kind of like when you used to go to the fun house with the silly looking mirrors.
So after pretending I had arms and legs like the "Incredibles"....I tortured the pets.
Check out Mason's nose...."the better to sniff you with"
MASON: "Seriously, Summer get that camera out of my said MilkBone....continue on then"
MASON: "Hey! That angle makes my butt look big"
MASON: "The celebrities would call this angle a crotch shot. Shout out to Britney"
And for you is Hines in the wide angle lens. it me or does his beard look extremely long? No worries, I will also use the lens for landscapes, architectural details, etc....not just to make my dogs look like they have long noses.

Now to the cute gals at church...I have nominated myself to take pictures at church events and the other night we had a "Big Tent" service. These cuties were playing hide and seek and tag but they paused long enough for me to catch this picture.

Smiling for the random lady with the camera.
Mmmm....cute children feet. Love the pink boots.
Would it be odd if I asked this gal if I could borrow her cute red scarf/shaw?

More exciting blog postings to come. I promise no more dog noses (okay not really because it is my blog and I like to take pics of Mason's nose). You can however expect the conclusion of how to take engagement pictures with a donkey, how to plant a container garden, and my love for kettle corn. Good Night.


  1. Can't wait to hear ATL stories! Hope you & LP had a great weekend - wish I was there :O)

  2. What about HIGH COTTON Photography..... very high end photos.... love the girls.... you do great work!