Monday, April 5, 2010


I am always tempted to stop by this random farm right near our house to take pictures of their cows and horses. But to get a good shot I would need to be inside the fence with the animals and this may be shocking but I do not have much experience with farm life.... so I probably shouldn't jump the fence.

So instead I came up with the idea of calling my Dad's buddy JB who has a couple of animals on a small farm(2 cows, 1 donkey, and 24 chicks to be exact). But to my delight he also had a lot of vintage cars which some may call junk but I call treasure.
But back to the animals. I fell in love. With a donkey. Named Lucy. Here she is.
I love Lucy.

I was expecting she would be kind of shy maybe even scared of me but that was NOT the case. Instead she was a total DIVA who wanted all the attention. "See me!! Pet me!! Only take pictures of me!!"

"Ignore me and I will bump you. Pet me and I will love you forever"
I thought taking pictures of babies was difficult.... until I met Lucy. She loved to have her picture taken but she wanted to be close....real close to the lens. I would squat down and get her in focus and by the time I would click, I would have a picture of just her nose ....or eyes....or me on the ground.
When I first started to take the picture above she was about 5 feet the time I pressed the shudder she was......well....about 2 inches away.
She reminded me a lot of Mason (our Golden) because she liked to nuzzle and cuddle. If I could have fit her into my Murano, I would have honestly taken her home with me.

I wonder if there is something in the HOA rules about having a donkey in our back yard? I mean Mason is kind of like a donkey....he eats grass...he is stubborn.
I even called Mom about maybe keeping the donkey in their backyard and got shot down real quickly.

As previously stated, majority of my attention was on Lucy and why would it not be? She is the Beyonce of Donkeys. If she wore clothes, she would wear sequins and stilettos. Diva.

But I should at least put a picture of the sweet Moo-Cows (that was really her name)
Then I found the hidden treasure, the jewel of the nile, the pièce de résistance. Vintage aka:junk cars. I don't know why, but I love taking pictures of really old stuff.

And I loved these old cars. (Yes I realize these pictures have a lot of edits on them....I was Photoshop happy yesterday).
This one is my favorite. Click on it and make it big. Yep. I love it.
Funky, colorful and fabulous. I can't say I would want to ride on this bus but I do like the picture of it! Did I ever tell you the story about when my dad used to drive a school bus? He flipped it over in a ditch. I might scan in the article one day and let you read it. Until then....I imagine this is what the bus would look like ;-)
How fun is this? The animals drink water out of this big tub. Mason would love to drink water out of a tub (or a toilet)!
Just a few others. If you know of any good places in the Charlotte area for me to take pics, send me a note! I like animals, old stuff, nature and anything else that won't complain about me taking 554 pictures of them.


  1. Girl, I LOVE these pictures! It reminds me of home. You have such talent.

  2. Hey Sum! There's a horse farm out by our house & I've been tempted for 2 years to jump the fence & take pics. Still haven't done it tho...
    These are fabulous - gospel choir is my fave too. You are truly gifted. Hugs!

  3. Susan Howell BareApril 14, 2010 at 6:34 PM

    love your story