Sunday, April 25, 2010


Last weekend I went to Atlanta to visit my friend LP. And there....I discovered my love for Kettle Korn (Korn is probably not spelled with a K but alliteration is so much fun). It was a special day at the Dogwood Festival. The sound of music in every corner, the breeze was nice and the smells of fattening foods surrounded us. Yum....but it was the Kettle K(C)orn that I could not escape from.

I really don't consider myself a "popcorn" fan. However, I do see where the chink in my dieting armor truly is the sweets (and the salty but let's not dwell). Plain or buttered thank you. Popcorn coated with honey and sugar (and possibly caramel) better get your own bag because I ain't sharing!!
Did you know they make flavors of Kettle K(c)orn? Like Blue Rasberry, Apple, and watermelon....however, I prefer the plain.
The dangerous point is that you can order this Kettle Corn and they will deliver it RIGHT to your house. DANGER!! MUCHO CALORIES IN YOUR MAILBOX!!
To order to your own house go to....Moose Head Kettle Corn....
I would like to point out the attire that Mr. Kettle Corn maker is wearing. Yes, protective goggles, a fireproof mask, and arm protectors. I need to get something like this for days that I cook. That or a welding vest says my dad....

Other health nuggets available at the Dogwood Festival....Sweet Potato Chips and Funnel Cakes (plus many other things but I didn't take pictures of those)

Don't judge me. I only ate the funnel cake.

Also at the Dogwood Festival I found some other fabulous finds that I probably would have purchased if I could buy things willy nilly without worrying about it showing up in my bank account then on quickbooks.....

Though they are cute I am not sure where you quantify them in Quickbooks. They would not exactly fall into the essentials category such as food, toiletries, pet supplies.

I am not sure why but I still love this little guy. Can someone make one of these for me for less than $225? Ridiculous huh?

The problem is that I purchased this one. I do not have a picture but you would love it if I did. Little turquoise birds with long legs wearing knee high boots (do birds have knees?) Anywho, it is cuter than it sounds.

I have more from the ATL trip including pictures from the antique scavenger hunt that LP and I went on plus her super cute gardening ideas (**however she did just tell me that her lettuce is dead so I am not sure if the ideas are practical but they are cute). Kettle Corn 4 life.


  1. dude. lettuce is not *dead* yet....just had some bug issues that hopefully with the "captain deadbug" organic stuff robert got me will conquer....though they are looking pretty rough. we also put holes in the boxes this weekend :)

    on another note....we have two strawberries that turned red this weekend!

    and i had some more funnel cake this weekend!


  2. I'm in love with 'Random Buket Guy'. And I'd really like to know where I can purchase a 'Got Moose?' shirt like Mr. Kettle Korn is wearing. Awesome!!