Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm Tired

Hey Friends. I am tired tonight--not sure why--I really haven't done that much. I guess that walk around the block really wore me out. Anywho, this post is just a tease for a posting I am going to do later this week!

Yesterday, I did engagement pictures for my beautiful friend Skipper and her superchill fiance Rob. Just to tell you how pretty she is, she got the nickname Skipper because she looked (and still does look) like Barbee's best friend by the same name. And I guess the nickname just stuck...Skipper it is.

I am definitely a "photographer in training" so you never really know what you will get with me. In the first hour, Skipper was almost ran over by a cow and Rob kissed by donkey. Then I realized I was standing in about a 4inch pile of cow droppings (are they called droppings? they were MUCH bigger than the word "dropping" would imply. more like cow boulders) Then came the portion where I made them do that little hitch kick thing where you hit your heels together...about 804 was honestly me anyways.

How do they make that look so easy on Wizard of Oz? huh?

I have to say my friends are so fab to let me torture...I mean experiment....I mean photograph them for 3+ hours. The good news is we got some great pictures and I can't wait to share them with you later this week. We headed back out to the same barn I shot at last week and then we went to a a local Rock Quarry (that I barely knew existed) where I almost had a nervous breakdown because we were technically trespassing.

Here are just a SMALL handful of pics.

Below: Check out Skipper's bling---good job Rob. Good Job.
Above: I have stories about this picture....I had seen a shot with a horse standing between a bride and groom so I thought....why not a donkey? You will definitely here more about this one!
Now on the picture below it is a little hard to see the most important part of the shot....Skipper and Rob...but I love the lighting! For my photography friends, I finally ventured out of my safety zone called Automatic Settings ;-) and used all Manual. I am so proud.
Expect to see more pics later this week and read more about my love with lucy the donkey, standing in Cow poo while trying to get the "shot" and why hitch kick shots are not as easy as they look. (Skipper if you are reading this....please pre-forgive me for posting the outtakes of the heel kickin' shots...I can't help myself)


  1. This hysterical (not the pictures - they are great!...really need to get myself and upgraded 35mm so i can join in on the fun).

    you better rest up for this weekend!! no tiredness excepted in the palefsky house.

    congrats to skipper!


  2. ps. excepted = accepted. its before noon. and i had to carry 100lbs for 1/2 mile this morning. i have no arms left.