Monday, June 28, 2010

That hurt.

This may be hard for you believe. It is frankly hard for me to believe but...I have never been stung by a bee (or wasp...or yellow jacket). That is correct in my 30 years of life I have never been stung....that was until this past Saturday.

I can guarantee you that you have never seen a jig like the one I did trying to run out of the boat house. Let me back up so you can get the full story.

First lets picture the day. It is my birthday celebration at the lake with my family. A warm Carolina Saturday. My dad in a float (which in itself is another story since he can't swim), mom is reading magazines, Papa snoozing in the hammock and NT was watching the World Cup.

I simply wanted to get a float so I can could cool off in the lake. See float below.
I enter the boathouse which I will admit has it's own microsystem of insects. I tend to cover my head with a towel upon entering.

I reach out to get the float and I see two wasp fly out. Now a smart person would think "Oh No! there is a wasp nest in here." Or maybe you would have a fight or flight reaction. I just stand there and stare as now 10 wasp coming flying out.

Then it hit me...RUN!!!!!! but it was too late. I had been spotted. Please double click on the picture below and look at the meanness of these wasp. (I am not sure if I need to add an "s" to wasp to make it wasps...maybe...)
I then felt a pain like I have never felt in my arm. It hurt so dern bad. I screamed. I danced. I hopped around like I was on fire. I might have cried, not sure.

And what was my family doing during my time of need....on my I was being tortured by an overactive wasp nest.


Here is my dad:

Here is my Papa:
Here is NT: (okay this is not really NT but a good representation)

Luckily my sweet Momma came over to help me. I swore the dern wasp was still attached my arm. The pain. The agony.

A little bit of alcohol and peroxide and I realized I was not dying. I made Grandma confirm that if I was allergic I would be showing signs. She said no your not allergic but give the poison time to spread and make sure you get out the stinger.

WHAT? Poison....a stinger....?

Now calling Uncle Jerry. The Wasp Destroyer.
Yes...venture in very slowly Uncle Jerry. And with a knock of a broom. The wasp were down for the count.
And there goes the nest. Bye Bye. And for you insect lovers...the wasps are still alive somewhere. Just not in the boathouse....or well I guess maybe they are still in the boathouse...plotting out their next attack on me.

Here is my pretty cake. Wording for the cake obviously done by my dad.


  1. Happy belated Summer! Sorry about the b sting! Wrote your special day down so now I know! Hope it got better after the sting!!! Love you much.. Aunt B.

  2. oh geez!!! the bugs in that place are scary :) did you get the boat working that weekend? hope you had fun!! talk to you on FRIDAY!


  3. Oh no! Your first bee sting....can't believe it didn't happen at DSBG instead! Happy belated bday! See you tomorrow!

  4. Happy 30th Cotton! Absolutely love that nickname. Sorry about the wasp - cannot believe it took 30 years for one to get ya! Miss ya gal - hope to see you soon!