Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Did you forget how to type?

One of my good friends asked me the other day...."Now that you are 30 did you forget how to type?" This is obviously a note to the fact that I have not blogged in a couple of weeks but don't you worry my camera is about to explode there are so many pictures ready to be posted.

Between my birthday, the 4th of July and now our trip to Boston/Martha's Vineyard...I have had very little time to blog. Luckily, I have now completely burned through ALL my vacation days so you can expect my bottom to be staying in the lovely NC for a while.

In the meantime...this is where we are staying in "The Vineyard"--that is what the locals call it. Yep, I am hip to the local lingo. However, within the first 10 seconds of me speaking everyone says..."Where are you from? You have a strong accent"....and I have been told I sound like Kelly Pickler twice. Obviously not my singing voice...but my country accent.


And here a few pics of the area that I found online....

I would like to point out that my Dad thought Martha's vineyard was a theme park like six flags or carowinds. Dad...you can see it is a bit more subdued ;-)

On today's task list. Hold on to your hats. NT and I are renting a.....

MOPED! Oh Dear. I hope they come with helmets and protective wear.
Talk to you 12 crayons peeps soon!


  1. Sum, I had a baaad experience on a moped/scooter thing a few years ago. Yes, alcohol was involved & I was not wearing a helment, but I won't be driving another one anytime soon. :O) Be safe & enjoy the vineyard!

  2. Nice! My ex and I used to hit Edgartown once a year - so fun! Make sure you buy NT a Bad Dog Tshirt