Friday, June 25, 2010

Why didn't I invent that?

Do you ever stop and think...."I wish I would have invented that." I am sure there are a few examples but here are a few that pop in my head.

SILLY BANDS: i don't even really know what these are...rubberband bracelets that make shapes? Why do people buy these? Even my mom and husband occasionally wear these little buggers.
Then do you remember the fad where people would put charms in their crocs? I don't even own crocs but I wish I would have invented these little suckers.
Or heck, maybe I should have just created the Croc shoe. I would be rich and give each and everyone one of you loyal 12crayons readers crocs in all colors!

Then there was the 90's fad of the Slap Bracelets. Yep, I rocked these. I guess these were the silly bands of my childhood.
Of course, I am a bit partial to one invention in particular. The MAGIC BULLET. You have all seen the infomercial (the one with that silly old lady), I am not sure why I love the MB so much but something about making smoothies, queso and chopped garlic all in the same just 3 quick pulses.
But of all the above inventions, there is one that I should have thought of years ago. The stuffing free dog toy! This is such an obvious toy. Let's just think about this. Sweet Mason went through roughly 60 stuffed animals in the time that I knew him, ripping out the stuffing and leaving a flat shell.

Each time I would throw away the flattened shell and go back and by a new fully stuffed animal. Mason was probably thinking..."you idiot human, I am trying to give you an idea for the next invention that is going to make somebody millions."

Behold, the stuffing free dog toy-see image below. Please remember I have thrown away 60 toys that looked just like this one.

I was introduced to this toy last week at the in-laws house. Hines LOVED the stuffing free raccoon and let's be honest it was purchased from the "As Seen On TV" store so obviously it is amazing! I bought Hines one earlier this week and sure enough he prefers it over all the stuffing filled animals.

My point is.... how many inventions will have to see and think "Why didn't I think of that?" Maybe silly bands for your pet? Just a thought.

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  1. BJ has at least one of those 'why didn't i invent that?' moments every single day. ha!thanks for the slap bracelet flashbcck & happy early 30th bday!!