Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Have you ever just wanted to take a really good nap? Not a care in the world, just lounging back and enjoying life. I am personally NOT a napper, I honestly do not even remember the last time I slept during the day. I don't even like to sleep at night...I feel like I am missing out on something.

However, I cannot say the same for our dear cat Parsnip. That crazy fool of a cat.

He sleeps ALL the time. Well except for when he gets up to visit his automatic feeder. And yesterday he struck one of the funniest poses I had ever seen.

I RUSHED to get my camera thinking there is no way he will hold this for long. Boy, was I wrong I couldn't get him to move at all. At one point, I checked to see if he was breathing. He was.
The pose above is actually pretty normal for Parsnip.
Let me zoom in on that face for you....
And then.....he realized the camera was there. The eyes opened and strangely he just stared at me...for a long time....this is where I checked for breathing.
Like a statue (with a big belly).


  1. love this post.. he looks like he is being held up/robbed! Myfavorite part is his little toofers hanging out! Truly he is too cute.... And you know that I love my cats!!!

  2. That is one photogenic cat! That could honestly be a picture in a magazine ad!