Thursday, June 24, 2010

Do Butterflies pee?

This may seem like a strange question...."Do Butterflies pee?" and I would never normally ask it if a certain Mr. Butterfly hadn't decided to let it all go right when I was taking my picture.

Let me explain for our our photography class this week, we headed to the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens. It was fire blazing, make up melting, want to climb into a fountain HOT.

One of my favorite pics was of this beautiful butterfly--how lucky to catch a butterfly...PEEING...what?!? I was just going back through to look at my pictures and zoomed in on this one to see what appears to be pee. I am not sure if it is, I am just saying that this picture will definitely need a little Photoshop love.
This sunflower looks as hot as I felt.
Remember when I mentioned it was "hop in a fountain" kind of hot? Well my friend Theresa decided to literally hop in the fountain. I was a wee bit worried we may get kicked out of the gardens....but a small part of me wished we would get kicked out because it was so dern hot. Did I mention our car said 100 degrees at like 7pm?
A few more pics:
Now this sweet bumble bee at least at the kindness to hold his bladder while I took this picture.
Here are a few more from the day....
8 days until.....

I turn 30.

Oh Dear.


  1. you know i love botanical gardens! how fun! and crazy peeing butterfly. i have a pic of two large mosqitoes matting. that was interesting.

    8 days!!! but lucky for you, you are in a GREAT place in your life so no need to fear the 3-0 babe. love ya!


  2. Did you HAVE to put that horrific picture of me in there!?!?! Nothing against your wonderful photographing skills.....I merely should have been sucking in my "had four babies" gut!!! Of course ms. skinny 19-year old Kayla is standing there taking a picture of me....accentuating my "fluffiness"! But it was HOT and this is about how I felt. I didn't care if I got kicked out...I was cooling off! Love the peeing butterfly!!!