Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CRAZY TRAIN come and pick us up....

Yep, go ahead and send the crazy train over to the Triompo residence because we just got another puppy. A good ol' Golden Retriever to brighten our days. We drove back from Greensboro yesterday like your typical 3 ring traveling circus. NT, myself, Hines and the new guy all in the front seat of the truck.

We could charge admission to see this zoo.

This is what we saw when we pulled up to the breeder. Could you walk away from this?

Here are a few pictures of the little man, I hope to have better ones once I can figure out how to make him sit still. It may be a while....

These two were also in the running.....

As far as the name....we are currently trying on DIXON. Get it....Mason Dixon....Mason was the name of our previous beloved Golden. Just wanted to make sure you got it....

But we do have other options. Will you leave a comment and tell me which name you like the best:


Or you go throw out a few original options. Check back later for more pictures. Until then I must go work. Someone has to earn some money to pay for all of these milk bones.


  1. Sullivan is my vote!!! I like Raleigh as well.
    He is just so darn cute.
    Just FYI-harper is a popular girls name for babies..Addison has two friends named Harper.

    Chris like Memphis or Brick (brick mason).

  2. I'm with Chelsea. Sully is awesome, but Raleigh is cute too. Like where you were going with Mason Dixon tho. Good luck & Congrats!

  3. I like Sawyer.
    Because I still miss Lost.

  4. i vote 'dixon' - completely makes sense and pays homage to mason (sweet, sweet mason).
    All are very good options, though!

    CUUUTTTEEEE puppy.
    jealous of that lil fur ball.