Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sweet Tea - I love you

If you don't like sweet tea then you are probably are not from around here...the south that is

And I personally embrace all things southern:

I say the word ya'll regularly
I love barbeque and grits
I like every meal to be served with bread
I watch NASCAR on Sundays with my hubby and I don't like snow

So after being up North for a week, I would like to talk about Sweet Tea.

As described by Webster: Sweet tea is a form of iced tea in which sugar is added to the hot water after brewing the tea but before the beverage is cooled and served. Adding sweetener to hot water allows the tea to hold more dissolved sweetener than under colder temperatures.

I was aware that once I left my security of the Carolinas, I might not find sweet tea but I was certainly not prepared for there to be a lack of UN-sweet tea. At one restaurant they brought me pre-made lipton from the soda machine with faux lemon. GROSS!

So I write this blog post in hopes that a restaurant owner who resides North of the Mason-Dixon line will add sweet tea to their menu. Do it for us southern folks that visit. Do it for those who have moved up north and long for that sugary tea.
I mean EVERYBODY doing's it. Check out McDonalds--they have built an ENTIRE advertising campaign around their $1 Sweet Tea (BTW, advertise your sweet tea special with Curtis Media Group-call me, Summer, for special summertime radio rates)
And I personally find Sweet Tea to be even more amazing when served in a Mason Jar.
So it summary, bring on the sweet tea by the gallon....which you can pick up at your area Bojangles. That thank it's southern goodness serves Fried Chicken, Dirty Rice and grits before 10am.

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